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Video Illustrates Players Cheating Using Modern Warfare Aimbot and Hiding Outside Map

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Earlier this week, players were excited to see the arrival of a brand new ‘Shoot the Ship’ playlist, combing both Shipment and Shoot House. However, the playlist has now sparked frustration among the community, with a new video emerging online. It showcases numerous players cheating in Modern Warfare Shipment, with some hackers using an aimbot and others hiding outside of the map.

Hiding Outside Map in Shipment

On Reddit, a video from user ‘GloriousRock’ illustrates several different bugs in Modern Warfare’s Shipment map. As shown below, one player captured the cheaters by using a drone. The footage shows players shooting from outside of the map, although not being affected by the usual ‘return to combat’ message.

When outside of the map, it’s hard to be spot but you can clearly see other players. This has sparked criticism from the community, something Shipment is familiar with. It’s unclear how the player doesn’t get killed by the typical ‘return to combat’, neither do we know how they get outside the map in the first place.

People already cheating on the new playlist…. from r/modernwarfare

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Modern Warfare Aimbot

This wasn’t the only video that showcased cheating in Shipment. On Christmas day, user ‘The__Warden’ attached a video that revealed one player using a Modern Warfare aimbot to obliterate other players. It essentially allows you to kill anything within a nearby area, without even having to aim.

There’s presumably other software that is enabling players to automatically aim, so it might be difficult for Infinity Ward to patch this. One way in which they could restrict players from using a Modern Warfare aimbot is by banning them.

First game on Christmas Day, Enemy team backs out really quick, I wonder … Oh thats why. I.W Plz ban this degen from r/modernwarfare

Shipment has also received criticism regarding its poor spawns, leading to multiple record nukes. Infinity Ward is yet to address the issues, although we can expect them to comment on the matters rather soon. The more attention each post garners should increase its chances of being patched.

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