Verdansk is where it all began, the map that dropped alongside the original Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale.

The return of Verdansk has been one of the biggest fan requests ever since the map was removed and replaced with Caldera in Warzone Pacific.

But is there any evidence to suggest that the map is coming back in Warzone 2?

Will Verdansk Come to Warzone 2?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that Warzone 2 will be getting the Verdansk map at any point.

However, a recent Warzone 2 survey did let players indicate that they’d like to see Verdansk return in the new Battle Royale title.

It’s clear that bringing back Verdansk isn’t entirely off the table for Activision.

As Warzone 2’s player count continues to drop, and more content creators return to Warzone 1, it could be something that the publisher prioritizes in order to keep the game alive.

Warzone Verdansk Map

And while it may be just rose-tinted glasses that have players believing Verdansk was the best Call of Duty Warzone map, the BR arena was certainly the most iconic map in the game’s 3-year history.

It’s worth noting that to add Verdansk, Activision would probably have to remove Al Mazrah from the game entirely due to Warzone 2’s immense file size. And this might prove difficult seeing as Al Mazrah appears in the MW2 Campaign, Spec Ops, and Multiplayer modes.

But throughout Warzone 1’s history, there was never a point where multiple full-size Battle Royale maps were available to play, primarily due to size constraints.

How to Play Verdansk in Warzone

The only way to currently play Verdansk in Warzone is in Warzone Mobile. The new Battle Royale game is available on iOS and Android in select regions but is not currently live in the US.

However, you can download and play Warzone Mobile from anywhere in the world using this trick! And then you’ll soon be dropping back into the classic BR map once again.

Warzone Mobile Verdansk Trailer

And that’s not all – Rebirth Island is also coming to Warzone Mobile, making it the best way to bring back that peak Warzone nostalgia.

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