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Vanguard Zombies Trailer Leaks Early, Teases Demonic War of the Dead

Vanguard Zombies finally has its reveal trailer and it looks like some of the franchise’s best work yet!

Call of Duty Vanguard is growing ever closer and today we’re finally getting new information about the survival-based Zombies mode!

For the first time ever, Treyarch is handling Zombies mode for a Sledgehammer Games title. What this means is that players can expect similar quality maps to those of Black Ops Cold War.

vanguard zombies demons

What’s more, Vanguard Zombies will continue the Dark Aether storyline, acting as a prequel to the events of Cold War.

But with our most recent Zombies Easter egg ending in a cliffhanger, we really want to know what happens next!

Watch Vanguard Zombies Trailer Early

It seems that Vanguard Zombies will have a demonic theme, as the game’s reveal trailer touches on a different take on the undead.

Although the Vanguard Zombies trailer isn’t officially releasing for a few hours’ time, the trailer is already appearing on YouTube early! Twitter user joshuaduran15 was lucky enough to get the entire trailer as an advertisement and posted it below.

It seems that we’ll be visiting one of Vanguard’s Beta maps, the Hotel Royal, once more. However, this time, a demonic Army of the Dead is on the hunt.

And it looks like classic map Shi No Numa will return with Vanguard Zombies too!

The trailer shows off some of the new Artifacts coming to Vanguard Zombies, including the new Frost Blast, Energy Mine, Aether Shroud, and Ring of Fire.

It also seems that we will be playing as chosen Operators again, rather than having specific characters tied to each upcoming map.

Interestingly, new leaks report that we won’t have a Vanguard Zombies map at launch! Instead, it seems that a new experience could be on the way.


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Undoubtedly, Treyarch wants to recreate the success of the open-world Zombies Outbreak experience. But we’re certain that Vanguard Zombies will have a few new tricks up its sleeves too.

Recently though, fans of the franchise are debating whether COD Zombies is better with free or paid DLC. Come and share your thoughts!

UPDATE: The official Vanguard Zombies reveal trailer is here

And we’ve even got new details about the Season 1 Vanguard Zombies map here!

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