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Vanguard Zombies Reveals Shi No Numa Wonder Weapon – Wunderwaffe Returns

Vanguard Zombies is finally getting its first round-based map, Shi No Numa, and there’s a ‘new’ Wonder Weapon on the way.

Ever since its initial launch, Vanguard Zombies has been a disappointing experience for long-term fans. Despite Treyarch taking over the undead survival mode, the development studio clearly didn’t have enough time to put in the same effort as it did with Cold War.

As such, Vanguard Zombies feels more like Outbreak and the unpopular Onslaught mode had a baby. And despite Treyarch attempting a mini round-based Zombies mode in Vanguard recently, Void wasn’t enough to bring fans back.

Vanguard Zombies Shi No Numa

Now, after months of waiting, the Shi No Numa remake for Vanguard Zombies is just around the corner. And we finally have more details to share about the upcoming map.

In case you missed it, technically Shi No Numa is playable in Vanguard Zombies right now!

Shi No Numa Wonder Weapon Brings Back Wunderwaffe DG-2

For its first classic round-based experience, Vanguard Zombies is bringing back Shi No Numa, complete with a few major additions.

In a recent blog post, Activision reveals what players can expect in the upcoming Zombies map. This includes a return to a round-based format, a multi-step main quest, and a brand-new Wonder Weapon.

These powerful weapons aren’t always easy to come by, but you’ll almost certainly be able to build one in-game. And now we know what lies in store for us.

For Shi No Numa, it seems our ‘new’ Wonder Weapon will be the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This popular addition first appeared in the original Shi No Numa, as the second Wonder Weapon ever.

Now, we’ve seen the Wunderwaffe appear several times, and not all fans are excited to see it return. However, the Wunderwaffe and Shi No Numa always seem to go hand-in-hand.

Don’t miss the official Shi No Numa release date for Vanguard Zombies here!

Vanguard Zombies Wunderwaffe
Shi No Numa’s new Wunderwaffe

Despite a lengthy reload time, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 can kill up to 10 zombies at once. However, in the past, the Wonder Weapon has also been capable of dealing infinite damage with a single shot, making it a great counter to stronger undead forces.

Thankfully, the Pack-a-Punch is returning in Shi No Numa, which can usually increase the weapon’s magazine count from 3-6. And while we don’t yet know how to build or find the gun, it’ll likely appear as a potential drop in the Mystery Box, as ever.

Don’t forget that you can use Vanguard Zombies to easily unlock the new Season 4 weapons! It’s a nice way of getting your hands on some new equipment.

Although fans hate Vanguard Zombies relying on remakes, we’re hoping Shi No Numa will be the exception. After all, it’s always been a popular map, even if it’s been in more than a few Zombies games already.

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