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Vanguard Zombies Is Disappointing Players With Der Anfang

It seems that Der Anfang is disappointing fans already, as we finally get the chance to experience Vanguard Zombies.

November is finally here, and with it comes one of the most-anticipated FPS titles of 2021. Call of Duty Vanguard may be a return to WW2 that many fans weren’t looking forward to, but it’s certainly making an impact at launch.

So far, the reaction is incredibly positive to all of Vanguard’s 16 launch maps.

vanguard zombies

And on top of that, fans are really looking forward to seeing more from the new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera!

But one thing that isn’t getting a great response is the new Vanguard Zombies experience – Der Anfang.

Der Anfang: A Bad First Vanguard Zombies Map?

It seems that COD Zombies fans are rather disappointed with Der Anfang in Vanguard – here’s why:

This year, Sledgehammer Games didn’t have quite enough resources to go it alone, it seems. Treyarch is making Vanguard Zombies, despite just working on Cold War, and its first release feels rushed.

It’s only natural for this to be the case. After all, we just got the launch of Cold War Zombies’ big finale not 1 month ago.

Now, Treyarch is being made to create a whole new Zombies experience on an unfamiliar engine, with limited time until launch. And although you can visit Shi No Numa in Der Anfang, don’t expect more than a building’s worth of exploration.

Der Anfang

A post on the CODZombies subreddit criticizes the new undead survival experience, calling Der Anfang ‘disappointing.’

“I’ve been playing it for at least 2 hours now and I gotta say. It could do with more.”, Reddit user IchikoTatsumura writes. “Like the whole mode is obviously like a mini outbreak but the missions seem just so okay… Graphics, gunplay, and sounds and just the engine is amazing but when it comes to zombies it just feels off”

Other users agree, pointing out that the game mode doesn’t even have a Pack-a-Punch camo or Wonder Weapon.

Some go as far as to call Der Anfang boring, with no real reason to go for high rounds, besides unlocking new Altar of Covenant upgrades.

Even content creators don’t seem happy with the new experience!

What’s more, there is no round-based Vanguard Zombies map coming soon, although it’s on the agenda. Hopefully, Treyarch is able to win over fans with its first traditional Vanguard Zombies experience.

But we at least have more detailed leaks about War of the Dead’s release here. It’s nice to know that something big is on the way.

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