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Vanguard Weapons Have a Major Problem in Warzone

Two new Call of Duty Vanguard weapons have dropped in Warzone, but there is a major problem with them that makes them almost unusable!

With Call of Duty Vanguard right around the corner now, players can expect to see more hints about the game in the next few weeks. However, few players thought they would see Vanguard weapons appear in Warzone already.

Raven Software added two new Vanguard weapons to Warzone in a surprise Battle Pass update yesterday and players have been excited to test them out.

Now that everyone has given them a go, the consensus is split.

Some people think the STG44 and M1 Garand are overpowered in Warzone, although there seems something off about them. Luckily, Warzone YouTuber P4wnyhof has identified the major problem with the Vanguard guns in Warzone.

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Warzone Season 6

Vanguard Weapons Have Terrible Visual Recoil in Warzone

Warzone YouTuber P4wnyhof was excited to get his hands on the new guns, especially as Vanguard weapons in Warzone have 10 attachments. However, after some testing, he has found a fatal flaw with them.

In his latest video, YouTuber P4wnyhof demonstrated the low recoil of the STG44 and M1 Garand in Warzone. Although, the significant visual recoil of the weapons ruins their accuracy.

While the recoil patterns are very controllable, it is the visual kick that is the problem. Both weapons slant and slide to the left while firing which is a huge issue when trying to track targets.

This made aiming and controlling the STG44 and M1 Garand very difficult. Therefore, we can’t see the Vanguard weapons being very viable in Warzone unless Raven Software changes something.

If you don’t believe P4wnyhof, unlock the guns and give them a go yourself:

Hopefully, Raven changes the visual recoil of Vanguard weapons before the new Pacific Warzone map releases.

Also, JGOD predicts that the Pacific map could be coming very soon. This means there isn’t much time for Raven to get this right.

Plus, leakers have found details about an upcoming Pacific map reveal event in Warzone too. Therefore, you can definitely expect some more details soon.

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