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Vanguard Weapon Camo Challenges Take Way Too Long to Complete

Call of Duty players are complaining that the weapon camo challenges in Vanguard take too long to complete, but how difficult are they?

Camos are some of the coolest customizations that Call of Duty players can unlock. Who doesn’t like to show off with a fancy gun?

Only the most dedicated players can unlock the mastery camos like the new green Dark Aether weapon skin in Vanguard. Although, some players aren’t happy with how Vanguard handles camos.

Do the weapon camos in Call of Duty Vanguard really take too long to complete?

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How Long Does it Take to Unlock Gold Weapon Camos in Vanguard?

Players have had problems with gun camos not unlocking in Vanguard, but this is a drop in the water compared to the actual issue.

Players on the Vanguard subreddit are complaining that it takes way too long to unlock all of the camos in the game. They even have stats to back it up.

Call of Duty player on Reddit u/Qreyon has shared how long it has taken him to get the Gold camo on 3 different SMGs, one from Modern Warfare, one for Cold War, and that last from Vanguard and the difference is huge.

No wonder players are using a glitch to unlock all Vanguard camos instantly.


The Cold War MAC-10 was easiest to grind camos, with just 573 kills needed to get Gold. Meanwhile, it took 629 kills for Modern Warfare’s CX-9.

However, the player has over 1350 kills with the MP-40 in Vanguard and still hasn’t unlocked the Gold camo. This means it will probably take around 3x as much time to unlock the Gold camo for every weapon in Vanguard.

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Hopefully, developer Sledgehammer Games tweaks the weapon camo challenges in Vanguard so that they are a bit less time-consuming!

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In other news, Vanguard could be getting some amazing new operator skins soon. A leak has revealed that Captain America and Indiana Jones could be coming to Vanguard.

Also, yet another leak could have revealed a Vanguard x Attack on Titan crossover event. These, plus the surprise Vanguard Christmas operator skin will give Call of Duty fans plenty of great options to pick from over the next few months.

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Kurt Bhardwaj

Saturday 4th of December 2021

The kill player with 3 specific weapon attributes is a massive joke and nearly impossible as you have no control over what players use and set up so it's a miracle if you can do any of this one plus they've added myst be done in multiplayer so theres no getting round it . My advice is thet needs to be changed to something actually achievable.