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Vanguard: How to Unlock Any Weapon Camo Instantly (Free Atomic Glitch)

There’s a new glitch for Call of Duty Vanguard that allows players to unlock Atomic or any other weapon camo for free.

If you’re interested in some of the best weapon camos in Vanguard but can’t handle the grind, you’re in luck.

There’s a new glitch going around that allows players to change their weapon appearance freely, even if they’ve never used it before.

Right now, Vanguard players hate this new mechanic which causes guns to miss their shots.

vanguard atomic weapon camo

But in some of the best loadouts in Vanguard Multiplayer, you’ll be able to kill enemies with a single trigger pull, so who needs accuracy?

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How to Unlock Atomic Camo for Free in Call of Duty Vanguard

Right now, there’s a way to unlock all weapon camos, including Atomic on your Vanguard guns for free!

You can stop grinding out those weapon challenges, as there’s a quick way to get your hands on every weapon camo in Call of Duty Vanguard.

Bear in mind that this method is only for the temporary equipping of any given weapon camo. It does not actually unlock the cosmetic permanently!

However, you’ll need to be on PC and have a controller plugged in for this glitch to work. Then, simply follow the steps below:

  • On PC, boot up Call of Duty Vanguard and head into your loadouts.
  • On the gun you’d like to equip a weapon camo too, open the Gunsmith.
  • Hit Customize, then check the Completionist Camos.
  • Put your cusor in the ‘None’ box to the left, then make a circular motion.
  • Meanwhile, press Left on the controller D-Pad and the Select button at the same time.
  • Just like that, you’ll unlock the Atomic Camo for free, instantly in Call of Duty Vanguard!

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Lately, players have been reporting that weapon camos don’t unlock on these guns in Vanguard. So at least we now have a way to see the Atomic weapon camo on some of Vanguard’s bugged roster.

Many thanks to Nanikos for sharing the free Atomic unlock method with us. We do expect Sledgehammer Games to patch this glitch soon, however!

And in case you’re interested in doing this legitimately, here are all the weapon challenges and camos in Vanguard.

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