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Vanguard Reveals New Operator System & Customization

Call of Duty Vanguard’s Multiplayer reveal trailer had a lot to reveal about the game’s Operators, Dynamic Weather, and more!

Call of Duty Vanguard is finally here, and we have new details about the upcoming FPS title. After months of leaks, teases, and hints at the upcoming game, we finally got Vanguard’s official reveal in Warzone recently.

But after a boring Vanguard reveal event and a fairly disappointing Champion Hill Alpha, we’re finally getting some good news about the title.

Today, we got a huge Vanguard Beta gameplay leak, showing us an early look at what’s to come!

(Source: Activision)

And we finally have new details about what’s to come in the upcoming Beta weekend. Check out every weapon, killstreak, perk, equipment, and more coming to Vanguard’s Beta!

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Vanguard Makes Big Changes to Operators

After showing off the new Vanguard reveal trailer, Sledgehammer Games had more to share about Operators, Dynamic Weather, and more.

Operators are an important part of Call of Duty games these days. Not only can you pick and choose your favorite Operator for online Multiplayer, you can also take them into Warzone.

And in case you haven’t already seen, we just got the official reveal of the new Vanguard Warzone Pacific map!

When it comes to Operators in Vanguard, it looks like the soldiers of WW2 are more personal than ever. Each of the 12 launch Operators has their own backstory, customization, and personality.

New Vanguard Operator
(Source: Activision)

Since all Vanguard Operators come from all walks of life and countries of origin, standard Multiplayer is abandoning the Factions altogether. Instead, Team A and Team B will face off against each other, with a mixture of Operators from all backgrounds.

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Upon starting Vanguard for the first time, players will be randomly assigned one Operator, although others will be unlockable through gameplay. Leveling up your Operator will result in players unlocking unique cosmetic rewards to match their chosen soldier.

These can include unique Finishing Moves and more, all based on the characters’ backstory. What’s more, Operators each have a favorite weapon, and players will receive additional XP when using that gun in-game.

Call of Duty Vanguard
(Source: Activision)

Those who pre-ordered Vanguard digitally on the PlayStation Store can now pre-load the Beta on PS4 or PS5 devices.

And on top of these exciting additions, Vanguard is also bringing a new anti-cheat to Warzone. This change has been long-awaited, and it could keep the battle royale popular even with some major competition coming later this year.

However, it seems that Xbox fans are uninterested in Vanguard due to Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042. Only time will whether opinions will change after the Beta or not.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news for those who want to play the Vanguard Beta on console

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