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Vanguard PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5 – Graphics Comparison & Frame Rate

Our first experience with Call of Duty Vanguard is over – but how did it compare on PS4 vs PS4 Pro vs PS5?

Vanguard’s Alpha has come to an end, and it was an interesting first look at the upcoming title. Sledgehammer Games certainly has some feedback to work with at the end of the Alpha trial period.

After all, Vanguard’s Champion Hill mode has a big camping problem. And because of its reliance on keeping your lives, players think Vanguard’s new mode is boring, and not fun.

There’s also some weapon tuning to do, as ever. By the end of the Alpha, it was very clear that one Vanguard weapon was dangerously overpowered.

Call of Duty Vanguard PS4 PS5 Comparison
(Source: ElAnalistaDeBits)

And, speaking of weapons, we just got confirmation for one of Call of Duty’s most infamous weapons returning in Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard – PS4 vs PS4 Pro vs PS5

Call of Duty Vanguard is coming to both PS4 and PS5 consoles – but how does it perform on all systems?

There’s no question that having Vanguard be available on both last-gen and next-gen consoles holds the title back. Of course, having to run the upcoming title on PS4 and Xbox One means that it won’t be able to harness the full power of next-gen consoles.

But how did Vanguard perform on PS4 vs the powerful PS4 Pro and PS5 devices? We’ve got the full breakdown for you below.

Vanguard Champion Hill
(Source: Activision)

Bear in mind, however, that Vanguard will likely see some optimizations before its final release. As such, expect there to be improvements across the board in future.

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Vanguard Graphics Comparison – PS4 vs PS5

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the PS4 and PS5 versions of Vanguard is the game’s graphical performance. When comparing shots between the last-gen and current-gen consoles, it’s clear that the PS5 can display a much sharper image than the console’s predecessor.

In fact, the PS4 version of Vanguard definitely has some blurry textures, especially when looking from a distance. Taking a look at the PS4 Pro, it’s definitely possible to see some improvements.

One of the biggest complaints about the Vanguard Alpha was its poor visibility. Given that it was hard to spot enemies on the PS5, we can only imagine it was incredibly difficult on the PS4 by comparison.

Call of Duty Vanguard Next-Gen Comparison
(Source: ElAnalistaDeBits)

The PS5 also has improved lighting over both PS4 consoles, with shadows rendered realistically in-game. This certainly makes a big difference when it comes to overall immersion.

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Vanguard FPS Comparison – PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5

When it comes to the Alpha, Vanguard was able to run at 60 FPS relatively well on PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5. Of course, thanks to the PS5’s 120Hz capabilities, the console can handle a far higher FPS too.

In testing, it’s clear that the PS4 is the least steady when it comes to frame rate. Although the console holds steady at around 60 FPS in general, it flickers down a little every so often.

And when the game gets a bit too intensive, the frame rate can take a significant hit. Drops to 50 FPS aren’t uncommon and we even saw one period where the frames dropped to 10 FPS before rising sharply once again.

The PS4 Pro definitely handles the game better in general. Besides a few minor hiccups, the title remains at 60 FPS throughout gameplay. And of course, the PS5 handles things best.

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Call of Duty Vanguard PS4 FPS

Besides a flicker to 50 FPS when respawning once, Vanguard on PS5 remains comfortably at 60 FPS without issue. And when on its 120 Hz setting, the frame rates remain stable at 120 FPS.

Again, we do see some drops around the game start or when respawning from time to time, however.

Take a look at the full comparison video by ElAnalistaDeBits below.

In other news, one new Vanguard mechanic is already breaking the game. And although Vanguard is bringing an anti-cheat to Warzone, it might not be all good news.

The new Warzone WW2 map will bring planes and tanks to the game. But seeing WW2 weapons compete with modern variants is sure to be an odd experience.

Of course, Xbox fans are already uninterested in Vanguard due to Halo and Battlefield 2042. We wonder if this will change in the lead-up to launch.

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