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Vanguard Post Launch Maps to Be Remake Galore

Call of Duty Vanguard has yet to release, but we already know many of the staggering 20 confirmed launch maps.

We’ve already had a sneak peak of some maps in the Beta, whilst additional maps will be coming post-launch.

Some of the confirmed maps include World at War fan-favorites such as Castle and Dome. Both of these are coming to Vanguard as launch content, but they are not the only remakes heading to the game.

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Vanguard Map Remakes Coming

The way post-launch content in Call of Duty works now is a much fairer system as opposed to the paid DLC packs that we saw prior to Modern Warfare 2019.

All maps are free, including all weapons, and all content gets delivered on a bi-monthly basis.

Newly leaked info suggests that the map Vanguard map Oasis could be a remake in some form of its MW3 counterpart, which Sledgehammer Games had a hand in developing.

Oasis was a DLC map for MW3, and it was released as part of the DLC Map Pack 2.

Source: Call of Duty Wikipedia

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On top of this, new information gained by Gaming Intel suggests that the post-launch content for Vanguard will be “Remake Galore”. We could be seeing more fan-favorite classic maps from the franchise return.

This information aligns with the recent Twitter leak which suggested Shipment will be returning along with London Docks from WW2.

Fans have expressed their excitement for both maps. It looks like Shipment will be a win for grinders considering the substantial amount of camo challenges data-mined from the Vanguard BETA.

The Vanguard leaks have been coming thick and fast, including the new and extensive list of leaked Vanguard customization options.

One good thing to note with remakes is that visibility shouldn’t be a problem, as hardcore fans are more familiar with the map layout and power positions. Currently, visibility issues are plaguing Vanguard with fears the issue could extend into launch.

Comment below with your favorite map of the Call of Duty franchise.

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Jim Roldan

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

Remake all the world at war maps please