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Vanguard Players Report Weapon Camos Not Unlocking or Progressing

It seems that Vanguard isn’t without its launch day issues, with select weapon camos not unlocking or progressing.

One of the main draws of a new Call of Duty title is the opportunity to start the weapon camo grind anew. Although many players might not care about the cosmetic unlocks, some fans go nuts for grinding out weapon camos.

After all, doing so will unlock some pretty exclusive appearances for your weapons in-game. And how better to show off your skills to other players in Multiplayer than by waving your gold gun around?

Unfortunately, it seems that not all grinds are worth the effort. After all, the new green Dark Aether weapon camo doesn’t look great to many fans.


For all those on the grind, here are all the Vanguard weapon camos and challenges to complete!

But it seems that not all weapon camos are unlocking in Vanguard right now…

Vanguard STG44 & M1 Garand Weapon Camos Not Unlocking

It appears that both the STG44 and the M1 Garand are currently bugged, with Vanguard players unable to unlock or progress with their weapon camos.

There’s nothing more disappointing than playing Multiplayer for a few hours, only to discover that your weapon camos weren’t unlocking the whole time.

Right now, it appears that select weapons aren’t progressing their camo unlocks, even as players complete the necessary challenges. It seems that the STG44 and M1 Garand are two guns that are particularly affected by the issue.

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Perhaps it’s because these weapons are among the Vanguard guns that are arriving in Warzone early that they are the ones experiencing issues.

vanguard atomic weapon camo

Of course, issues like these are to be expected. After all, we saw the same weapon camo bugs in Black Ops Cold War last year.

Unfortunately, that means there’s little we can do but wait and see how long it takes Sledgehammer Games to issue a fix.

In the meantime, make sure you’re using Vanguard’s best settings to dominate the competition!

And you might also want to level up some of Vanguard’s other weapons fast while you wait for the issue to resolve itself.

At least the Multiplayer experience is an excellent one so far. After all, Vanguard’s Zombies mode is disappointing players massively!

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Saturday 6th of November 2021

I am having a issue with the same thing what should I do