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Vanguard Players Hate the New Green Dark Aether Weapon Camo

We don’t think many fans will be grinding for the new Dark Aether weapon camo in Vanguard after seeing it in action.

One of the biggest draws of a new Call of Duty release is beginning a new weapon camo grind. After all, only the most dedicated players will be able to unlock some of the highest-tier weapon appearances.

Getting to a game’s final weapon camo is quite the accomplishment, and Vanguard is no exception to the rule. And, like with Cold War, this time there are 2 endgame weapon camos to unlock.

You can see the new Atomic weapon camo in Vanguard here. The bright unlock looks incredible and it’s quite the statement piece.

Vanguard Zombies Is Disappointing Players With Der Anfang

But for Zombies fans, it seems that Vanguard players are already unhappy with the Dark Aether camo. And it’s not just weapon appearances either – Vanguard fans are disappointed with Der Anfang in general!

Vanguard Zombies Green Dark Aether Camo Is Disappointing

This time around, the Vanguard Zombies Dark Aether weapon camo is a little disappointing – and green.

Despite a new red Dark Aether and a demonic Vanguard Zombies experience, the ultimate weapon camo is green. What’s more, it doesn’t look good enough for players to spend countless hours grinding it out either!

Although many fans hated the Cold War Dark Aether weapon camo too, there’s no denying that the purple skin looks better than this.

And while Vanguard’s Dark Aether does at least cover the whole weapons, it looks far too disappointing for an endgame skin.

“I’m so disappointed man, I was so hyped for that leaked red dark aether camo,” writes Reddit user dannydestroyer12.

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Vanguard Players Hate the New Green Dark Aether Weapon Camo

“Geez man the early leaks of vanguard being a mess was true,” another Reddit user responds. “I skipped out on bo4 and infinite warfare and now I honestly might skip out on this one.”

There has been a leaked image of a much better-looking red Dark Aether camo floating around the internet. However, from what we can tell, it’s not currently available inside Vanguard.

Perhaps, in the future, you’ll be able to unlock it by getting every camo in Vanguard, including both Multiplayer and Zombies content.

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Comments 3


Thursday 4th of November 2021

what are you talking about? that green looks good. most of the streamers i watched last night and today all liked it. don't know where you're getting your info that most people dont like it. sounds like you're putting your own opinion of the camo.

Andre Lynn

Thursday 4th of November 2021

THE RED DARK AETHER IS GOLDEN VIPER. The camos look fine. We can't get a clear shot of them anyways until they are fully unlocked. Debbie downer pos.

Andre Lynn

Thursday 4th of November 2021

Whoever wrote this article is retarded. The red camo floating around the internet is Golden Viper.