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Vanguard Players Still Experiencing Crashes Caused by Dev Error 5573

Many Call of Duty Vanguard players have been kicked out during and before multiplayer matches due to Dev Error 5573 causing crashes.

Vanguard players are no strangers to bugs. Although, most of these glitches do not stop gamers from playing.

Recently, a bug that grants players unlimited killstreaks was reported. Even though this is detrimental to the experience, gamers can still enjoy the game.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with Dev Error 5573 in Vanguard. Many gamers have voiced out this bug is still prevalent and affecting matches.

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What Causes Dev Error 5573 in Call of Duty Vanguard?

According to many reports, this bug is somehow tied to Operator customization in Vanguard.

Namely, many have reported this error becomes more common after changing Operator’s appearance in the customization menu.

However, avoiding customization has not worked for all gamers. Sledgehammer Games and Activision have not officially provided a reason or a solution for this error.

Thus far, players have found swapping operators do the trick sometimes.

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Other players reported getting the error mostly when setting Daniel as an Operator. Fortunately for those instances, changing to another operator seems to solve the issue.

Some other players believe this issue is somewhat related to customizations via skins.

After many gamers solved the issue by simply going back to the original Operator skin, this theory came to life.

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Those experiencing this bug have tried a multitude of solutions to no avail. Some tried multiple reinstalling cycles without success.

Similarly, others confirmed the prevalence of this error. For some gamers, most matches end up crashing due to this bug.

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The developer has fixed many issues thus far. Although, Vanguard’s Dev Error 5573 is still on that list of things to do for Sledgehammer and Activision.

Gamers recently pointed out a list of the biggest problems with Vanguard’s multiplayer. Hopefully, the developers will tackle this error soon to avoid making that list even more extensive.

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