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Vanguard MVP Screen After Multiplayer Matches is Getting Boring Already

Vanguard’s MVP screens following a Multiplayer match are a first for the series, but players are already getting very bored of it!

Call of Duty Vanguard has been pretty well received so far. Despite initial worries about the World War 2 setting, most fans are enjoying the game’s Multiplayer component at least.

Just don’t mention the extremely disappointing Der Anfang Zombies in Vanguard.

The Multiplayer mode in Vanguard has some minor problems though. The biggest of which has to do with the brand-new MVP screens at the end of every match.

But why do Vanguard players hate these MVP screens so much?

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Vanguard Operators

Call of Duty Vanguard MVP Animations Are Way Too Long

Call of Duty fans have a couple of complaints about Vanguard’s Multiplayer mode. This includes major accuracy problems caused by weapon bloom as well as weapon camos not unlocking.

However, the biggest complaint Vanguard players have right now is to do with the new MVP screens at the end of every match.

Call of Duty fans on the Vanguard subreddit have been complaining about them a lot and the most popular post on this topic has almost 1500 upvotes at the time of writing.

While the MVP animations are a good idea, the voting itself takes way too long. This is annoying players who just want to hop into another game.

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Vanguard MVP Screen

A simple solution to this problem was put forward by Redditor u/ClrBlindBoi who suggests that there should be an option to leave the match during this screen.

This would solve the problem of forcing players to wait around 40 seconds every game to conclude the voting. However, this change may be unlikely.

The MVP animations are a big part of the new Vanguard operator customization system. Therefore, developer Sledgehammer Games may not want to change it so soon after the game’s launch.

At least there will be some cool new operators coming soon, which will shake up Vanguard’s MVP screen. A leak has revealed 8 upcoming Vanguard and Warzone operators.

What’s more, yet another leak has revealed a special seasonal operator skin coming this Christmas. This could be one of the best Call of Duty skins ever.

Finally, it looks like there will be a Vanguard x Attack on Titan crossover event coming soon. Between all of these, there will definitely be some more variety in MVP screens soon.

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