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Vanguard Multiplayer Has No Factions & Call of Duty Fans Hate it

Factions have always been an important part of the Call of Duty series, and fans aren’t happy that they won’t be making a return in Vanguard Multiplayer.

Call of Duty fans are extremely excited for Vanguard after Sledgehammer Games dropped the Multiplayer reveal trailer yesterday.

The response to the game has been overwhelmingly positive, with the game’s new features being almost unanimously loved by fans.

However, there is one important difference with Vanguard that has upset long-time fans of the series. Where are the Multiplayer factions in Vanguard?

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Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Has No Factions System

Vanguard is truly taking the Call of Duty series to the next level with a load of interesting features like the destructible ‘reactive environments’ as well as the new Combat Pacing system that changes the speed of the game.

However, Vanguard’s Multiplayer is also getting rid of the factions system that many players love.

In previous games, players would be assigned one of two factions at the beginning of the game, and that was your team. Whether it was Cold War’s Warsaw Pact or Task Force 141 in the Modern Warfare series, players liked the Factions system as it made the game seem more real.

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However, Sledgehammer Games has announced that there are no factions in Vanguard Multiplayer. This news hasn’t gone down well with fans who have made many posts on the Vanguard subreddit about their disappointment.

“Who the hell thought about that? You can have a Nazi operator fighting alongside a British operator. Seriously, all they talked was immersion and tactical gameplay, this goes completely against all of those core philosophies.”


Hopefully, once players get their hands on the game, these concerns won’t be a major problem. However, only time will tell whether fans will be happy with no factions in Vanguard Multiplayer.

However, fans will be happy that Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that Vanguard will have an FOV slider on console.


In case you missed it, make sure to check out the Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer reveal trailer.

Also, even if there are no factions in Vanguard, it has made way for a more customizable Call of Duty experience. The Gunsmith will have 10 attachment slots in Vanguard.

Finally, Raven Software has revealed new details about the Pacific Warzone map. This will take Warzone in a totally new direction.

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