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Vanguard Fans Want Nerf to Overpowered Shotguns

Players believe that shotguns in Vanguard are overpowered and dominate tiny maps. See the debate sparked by Vanguard overpowered shotguns.

Call of Duty Vanguard has been out for a few days. Since then, all the mixed reviews, the zombies, and the controversies have helped keep the game in limelight.

From disappointments regarding new maps to long-ish weapon camo challenges, Vanguard has a few misses among many hits. But now there have been talks about overpowered shotguns dominating the small multiplayer maps.

Meanwhile, some players have reported that Vanguard crashes after using the bugged Operator skin.

Vanguard Fans Think Shotguns Are Overpowered

Overpowered weapons are not new. In Vanguard, the overpowered shotguns seem to be annoying players. Let’s face it, getting one-shot by a shotgun isn’t cool.

Combat Shotgun Vanguard
Shotgun in CoD Vanguard

Several players have been complaining about using shotguns with the Gung Ho Proficiency in smaller maps like Das Haus. You can put on some attachments and it will give you a one-shot headshot from 12 to 15 meters.

LMG users need not worry about the shotgun drama. You can check out the best loadout for Type 11 for fast mobility.

Shotgun users run around with a perked-up shotgun and shoot everything in sight. And while this is a smart strategy to rank up quickly – check out this comment from Reddit.

There seems to be a debate regarding the power of shotguns. Some players justify the powerful gun stats like this Reddit user –

But several others are blaming it on the design of the map.

Some players found the shotguns okay or simply terrible.

Other than this, a few other players are enjoying these shotgun perks while they last. If more players find these Vanguard overpowered shotguns annoying, they might be nerfed in the upcoming updates.

But as the debate heats up, you can level up your guns in Vanguard as quickly as you can.

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