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Call of Duty Vanguard Destruction ‘Reactive Environments’ Explained

Call of Duty Vanguard will be the first title in the franchise to have destruction in the form of reactive environments. Here’s what that means for the game:

Only a couple of days ago, we got our first look at Call of Duty Vanguard. And the internet hasn’t stopped melting down since.

Despite fans calling the Vanguard reveal event inside Warzone boring, the trailer for the new game was definitely anything but. And the news that Vanguard will have an insane number of multiplayer maps at launch is definitely a bonus.

Call of Duty Vanguard
(Source: Activision)

On top of that, a new Warzone map is bringing anti-cheat to the game. And although a lack of cheaters shouldn’t be a selling point, Warzone has been so overrun with hackers that it was dying a slow death.

But one of the things we’ve been hearing about for months is Vanguard’s destruction in its reactive environments. But what exactly does that mean for the game?

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Vanguard Destructive Environments Revealed

We finally have more news about Vanguard’s Rainbow Six Siege-esque destructive environments – courtesy of JGOD.

Recently, Activision showed off an early build of Vanguard to a select group of content creators and organizations. Being present for actual Vanguard gameplay, JGOD confirms that Vanguard’s visuals are better than 2019’s Modern Warfare.

And when it comes to destruction in Multiplayer, the YouTuber called Vanguard’s reactive environments akin to Rainbow Six Siege. In Ubisoft’s popular shooter, it becomes fairly evident as to which walls can be destroyed and which surfaces are penetrable.

In Vanguard, this will also very much be the case, and players will quickly learn which areas can be destroyed and what equipment is needed to do so. And on top of that, JGOD confirms that a popular Siege feature will also be present.

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Vanguard Campaign
(Source: Activision)

Vanguard Reactive Environments

Players will be able to shoot to create small holes in reactive environment walls, it seems. And in doing so, you’ll be able to find new angles to get the drop on opponents that they might not even be able to see from a distance.

“One thing that they were really hammering home is that, in these specific scenarios, that the lighting has to update in real-time using the engine,” JGOD states.

We’ve also heard leaks of items like tables flying across a room when a grenade goes off, and JGOD mentions a bookshelf that has books falling off it during combat. It seems that Sledgehammer Games is really stepping it up with this year’s title.

Of course, the developer is free to do so thanks to the massive support from other studios. After all, Treyarch is even developing Vanguard’s Zombies mode entirely by itself.

But that’s not all JGOD had to say! The content creator also revealed all the details about Vanguard’s Champion Hill mode! Battle Royale meets Gunfight in Sledgehammer Games’ brand-new concoction.

But already, Vanguard’s reveal trailer is being review bombed!

And Xbox fans claim that they’re uninterested in Vanguard thanks to Halo and Battlefield.

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