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Vanguard Dead Drop Glitch Allows For Unlimited Killstreaks – Developers Respond

Call of Duty: Vanguard players complain about an unlimited killstreak situation caused by a glitch related to the Dead Drop Field Upgrade.

Vanguard players have been loud and clear about many of the issues affecting the game.

Since it launched, the game has received mixed reviews from its fanbase.

This is primarily because of the lack of content in the Zombies mode and several complaints about multiplayer mechanics.

Activision is trying to keep players engaged, dropping events like its Secrets of the Pacific Vanguard crossover.

Now, gamers have a new gripe with Vanguard’s multiplayer. This time around it has to do with a Dead Drop glitch that dramatically affects the balance of each match.

CoD Vanguard Dead Drop Glitch Killstreaks Issue (1)

What Is the Dead Drop Field Upgrade Glitch in Vanguard?

Gamers have reported a glitch with the Dead Drop Field Upgrade that triggers an error with the Killstreak reset after respawning.

Notably, this glitch grants players unlimited killstreaks during a match.

Dead Drop is supposed to record your current Killstreak score and give it back in your next respawn. This Field Upgrade does precisely this, up to a certain point.

The glitch is caused by a series of events that players need to execute to get unlimited killstreaks successfully.

Players start triggering this glitch by activating their Dead Drop Field Upgrade.

Right after that, if a player reaches the highest Killstreak available, uses it, and then dies, this error will occur.

After respawning, the Killstreak counter will not reset. This error allows players to get their top-tier Killstreak once again with just one additional kill.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Dead Drop Glitch Killstreaks Attack Dogs

To make matters worse, this cycle can be easily repeated. Dead Drop recharges quite fast, and the glitch loops if this method is utilized over and over.

The match unbalance created by this issue is considerable. Many gamers can quickly spawn Attack Dogs at will and repeat this every minute if executed correctly.

Activision tweaked Dead Drop before, as it was not carrying over the Killstreak counter for players as intended.

After this tweak, this new issue popped up. Activision has not currently addressed this. Thus, leaving gamers without a timeframe for a solution.

This is far from the only issue with Vanguard. Players recently raised their concerns about many problems affecting the multiplayer experience.

Update – Dec 3, 2:12 PM ET – Sledgehammer has acknowledged this issue in its Trello board. Currently, the issue sits in an “Investigating” status. Thus far there is no estimated time for a fix.

Sledgehammer Trello Call of Duty Vanguard

Not long ago, gamers also complained over terrible spawns in the game.

Crossing fingers here for a quick solution for this Dead Drop issue.

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Kevin Nolan

Monday 29th of November 2021

I've had the opposite problem.


Sunday 28th of November 2021

I'm really had my fill of all the B's that's going on in this game...... DELETEING ALL OF IT PERIOD