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Vanguard Champion Hill’s Biggest Problem – Easy Win Strategy

Call of Duty Vanguard’s Alpha is over now, but Champion Hill’s biggest problem is that it’s too easy to win with this meta strategy.

For a new Call of Duty title, Vanguard is proving to be a real mixed bag so far. We’re definitely happy to see that Warzone is getting a new map with anti-cheat, but Vanguard’s Multiplayer is already disappointing fans.

Despite Vanguard launching with an insane number of Multiplayer maps, it isn’t making a great first impression. And to many users, the new Champion Hill mode is boring, and not fun.

Vanguard Champion Hill
(Source: Activision)

To be fair, Vanguard’s poor visibility only encourages gamers to play defensively. And that’s on top of Champion Hill’s inherent camping issue which also keeps the game slow-paced.

But Vanguard’s biggest problem is the new meta-strategy for easy wins in Champion Hill.

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Vanguard Champion Hill Easy Win Strategy

When it comes to Champion Hill in Call of Duty Vanguard, here’s how to win easily, every time.

The first thing to realize in Champion Hill is that your lives matter, not your kills. Unlike other COD Multiplayer game modes, you’re better off playing it safe and waiting for the enemy to come to you.

Using the mounting mechanic and Vanguard’s broken new blindfire system, you can easily kill enemies that are forced to push up to you. If your skills are good enough, feel free to play as normal in this part of the strategy too.

The important thing you need to note is to keep your money safe. Grab cash from around the maps where possible, and pick up weapon upgrades from fallen enemy teams.

You’ll need to upgrade your gun a few times to stand a chance, obviously. But using Vanguard’s most overpowered weapon will help you save some cash.

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Call of Duty Vanguard
(Source: Activision)

Then, as you head into the final round, make sure you have a spare $7500. If you can make it into the finals and purchase a Flamenaut or Frankengun from the Buy Stations, you’ve as good as won.

Not only do the Support purchases give you a powerful firearm, but you also get a huge boost to your overall health. And winning the final round will be easy, even if you’re down a few lives.

The ability to become so powerful in the final round of Champion Hill is its biggest problem. And we hope that the Vanguard developers fix the issue before the game’s Open Beta release date.

Meanwhile, we just got new hints at Vanguard Zombies’ first map!

And for Multiplayer fans, we have our first look at the Vanguard Gunsmith already, thanks to new leaks. Plus it looks as though Vanguard is bringing back this controversial weapon at launch!

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