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Vanguard Captain America & Indiana Jones Operator Skins Leak

A huge new leak has revealed that iconic action heroes Captain America and Indiana Jones operator skins could be coming to Call of Duty Vanguard soon.

Skins are some of the coolest customization items in the Call of Duty series and it looks like Vanguard will be taking this to the next level.

Players love the new operator customization system in Vanguard. However, the leaked upcoming skins are even better than the ones you can unlock in-game.

It looks like both Captain America and Indiana Jones could be coming to Vanguard and Warzone soon.

But first, check out the huge Vanguard x Attack on Titan crossover event leak.

Vanguard Operators

Captain America & Indiana Jones Operator Skins Coming to Vanguard & Warzone in American Heroes Event

A leaker has already revealed an exciting new operator skin coming in the Vanguard Christmas event. Although, it looks like we will also be getting an ‘American Heroes’ event with some truly legendary characters making an appearance.

Call of Duty leaker @ModenasHD has revealed some very interesting potential operator skins that could be coming to Vanguard soon. This is thanks to a data mine of the game’s code.

Firstly, Marvel comics hero and WW2 soldier Captain America could be coming to Vanguard and Warzone. His World War 2 costume with the leather jacket would be a perfect fit for the game.

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Captain America Operator Skin Vanguard
Marvel Studios

Secondly, Nazi-fighting professor of archaeology, Indiana Jones may also arrive in Vanguard too. We can only hope for a whip melee weapon too!

It seems like both of these operator skins would come as part of an event abbreviated as ‘AH’ in the code. Modenas believes this could be an event called ‘American Heroes’.

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Indiana Jones Operator Skin Vanguard

Will you be picking up the Captain America and Indiana Jones operator skins if they come to Vanguard? Let’s hope this leak was correct.

In the meantime though, find out how to unlock every operator in Call of Duty Vanguard.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty players are disappointed with the map design in Vanguard. This is a shame considering that Vanguard has a whopping 20 Multiplayer maps.

However, this isn’t too much of a problem in comparison to a major issue that players have with Multiplayer. Call of Duty Vanguard players hate the MVP screen and it needs some major changes soon.

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