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Vanguard Beta Players Want OP Armor Plates Field Upgrade Removed

Call of Duty fans who have been hopping into the Vanguard Multiplayer Beta absolutely hate the game’s overpowered Armor Plates Field Upgrade.

The Call of Duty Vanguard Early Access Beta weekend is almost over now, but players still have plenty of feedback to give to Sledgehammer Games.

While some gamers have called the Vanguard Beta unplayable, others have major issues with the game’s servers. This includes lag spikes, packet loss, and high ping.

Additionally, players have plenty of problems with Sledgehammer Games’ design choices. Somehow the Vanguard Beta’s audio is way too quiet while the Multiplayer announcer is annoyingly loud and talkative.

Now, however, Call of Duty fans have turned their anger towards one of the game’s Field Upgrades. If you’ve played the Vanguard Beta, you’ll know how overpowered Armor Plates are!

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Vanguard Beta

Players Want Armor Plates To Be Removed From Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer

One of the many Field Upgrades available for players to pick in the Vanguard Early Access Beta is the Armor Plates. And while these are not new to the series, players are not happy with how they work in Vanguard.

Many players have taken to the official Vanguard subreddit to complain about Armor Plates because it makes gunfights inconsistent and unfair. Even top players will struggle to kill a player with a load more health than them.

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“I’m just gonna say it. Armor has no place in MP whatsoever. It creates incredibly inconsistent gunfights. Situations should rely on skill, gunplay and positioning, not whether they have extra health or not.”

u/vol4lyfe123 Reddit
Vanguard Beta Armor Plates Field Upgrade

What makes the Field Upgrade even worse is that it has a fast recharge time. This means players who have equipped Armor Plates get them way too often.

The plates are so powerful that some players are even calling for the developer to remove them from the game entirely. However, a nerf is much more likely.

Luckily, this is just a Beta and so there is a good chance that Armor Plates will be changed before the final build of the game. Additionally, Sledgehammer Games has been fast to address fan concerns and has already changed the Dead Silence Field Upgrade.

COD Vanguard

Meanwhile, Call of Duty fans have plenty more issues with the Vanguard Beta. Not only do players think that Vanguard’s new Suppression mechanic is “broken”, but, also, the visibility on the map Red Star is awful.

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