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Vanguard Beta Players Hate the Game’s Announcer, Butcher

The new Call of Duty Vanguard Beta has a few issues already, one of which is the game’s announcer, Butcher.

Fans might remember Captain Carver Butcher from Sledgehammer Games’ last title, as the Quartermaster of the WW2 Headquarters. However, the return of the popular character isn’t going as smoothly as the developers thought it would.

The biggest issue with the Vanguard Beta so far is its audio settings. Players find that they can’t hear the action around them, even with headphones on.

Vanguard Beta Players Hate the Game's Announcer, Butcher
(Source: Activision)

And in the meantime, there’s one thing that they can hear – and they’re not happy with it. Now that Call of Duty Vanguard is abandoning Multiplayer Factions, all teams have the same announcer.

But it seems like Butcher isn’t a popular pick just yet.

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Vanguard’s Announcer Is Annoying Players

It seems that Butcher is already annoying players as the Call of Duty Vanguard’s solo announcer.

Although audio is a big problem in Vanguard’s Beta, you won’t have any issues hearing its announcer. Butcher seems to continually cut through the action to deliver a witty voice line or quip.

But unfortunately, players aren’t happy with the British Special Forces operative right now. And several requests to tone down his interjections are already appearing online.

On the CODVanguard subreddit, players voice their distaste for the game’s announcer being limited to just Butcher.

“Having only one voice announcer is so lazy,” Reddit user Swanepoel writes. “A decade ago we used to have a lot of different factions, with that many announcers. I found that pretty cool, loved to hear many different voices on my games.”

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(Source: Activision)

And it’s not just the lack of variety that has players worried for Vanguard’s launch either. Beta players are complaining that Butcher isn’t informing them about incoming killstreaks, but will instead relay unimportant dialogue from time to time.

“Did you really need to add him going “Double Kill” or “Bloodthirsty”? I already hear him enough as it is,” another user complains.

Even with the Vanguard Beta’s best settings active, sometimes players can only hear Butcher, and very little other audio. And while you can turn the commentary off altogether, that means going without any crucial announcements in objective game modes.

With big changes coming to Vanguard’s new Operator system, there’s currently no rival announcer in the game. Perhaps Sledgehammer will add more options by launch day, else maybe we’ll return to the days of Multiplayer announcer DLC packs.

And Butcher isn’t the only issue bothering players right now either. It seems that Call of Duty fans already hate Vanguard’s SBMM – even in the Beta!

On top of that, Vanguard’s biggest issue clearly hasn’t been fixed since the Alpha…

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