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COD Vanguard Beta Has Lag Spikes, Packet Loss, & High Ping Issues

Not everything is running smoothly with the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta as players report lag spikes and more.

The Call of Duty Vanguard Early Access Beta weekend is in full flow, and it’s far from a flawless experience. Already, we’ve had players call Vanguard unplayable on PS4 consoles.

On top of that, fans are taking issue with some of the game’s core features. For example, complaints about the Vanguard Beta’s audio being too quiet are rife, and players hate the game’s announcer.

Vanguard Beta Is Having Connection Issues

Perhaps worst of all, Call of Duty fans are also not happy with Vanguard’s SBMM, even before its official launch!

And now, players are voicing their complaints one more time, due to the Vanguard Beta’s lag spikes, packet loss, and high ping issues.

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Vanguard Beta Is Having Connection Issues

It seems that many Vanguard Beta players are having connection issues when playing the WW2 shooter.

Despite Call of Duty Multiplayer being a staple of the franchise, it seems that all is not well in Vanguard’s matchmaking just yet. Players are complaining about lag spikes, packet loss, and high ping in the ongoing Vanguard Beta.

As far as we can tell, these issues aren’t down to individual connections either, as the lag issues only arise while playing the Beta.

“Anyone else experiencing ATROCIIOUS lag?” Reddit user tuckerxhill asks on the CODVanguard subreddit. “The network information is almost constantly going off. I’m on PS5 and I’ve went in between Cold War and warzone to see if I was getting lag and it’s only on this beta.”

Vanguard Beta
(Source: Activision)

It seems the Reddit user isn’t the only one having issues with the current Vanguard build. Other commenters report similar experiences that are ruining their time with Sledgehammer Games’ title.

One player even attests that over half of their matches have them teleporting around the map, sometimes even underneath the map. And these issues seem particularly prevalent when in the new 14v14 Blitz game mode.

Already, Sledgehammer Games is pledging to fix some of the Vanguard Beta’s biggest problems. But we’ll need to wait and see if the developer will also fix its matchmaking.

As for balance issues, Vanguard’s new Suppression mechanic is just as broken as its lag spike problem. And players are also protesting the lack of factions in Vanguard’s Multiplayer modes.

We can’t promise that the game’s developers will take note of every complaint. However, it seems that Vanguard will feature one demand from the fans already

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