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Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Gameplay Leaks Ahead of Release

The Call of Duty Vanguard Beta is still a few days away now, but a lot of gameplay for it has been leaked already – check it out!

Call of Duty fans can’t wait to get their hands on Vanguard and while some have already played the gunfight-meets-battle-royale Champion Hill Alpha, many are waiting to play Multiplayer in the Beta.

Even if you still have to wait to try the Beta, you can have a short glimpse of what the gameplay is like already, thanks to leaks.

But first, find out how to play the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta.


Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Beta – Leaked Gameplay

We already know all of the maps, game modes, weapons, and more in the Vanguard Beta. However, players are still waiting to try it out for themselves.

Luckily, a huge gameplay leak from dataminer @TheGhostOfHope is the next best thing to actually playing the Vanguard.

Firstly, it shows the brand new 10-attachment slot Gunsmith system as well as all of the Perks in the game. Then, it gets into the gameplay of 4 game modes on 4 different maps.

Vanguard Beta

The first match in the leaked Vanguard Multiplayer Beta gameplay is Patrol on the Pacific map Gavutu. Next, it shows Team Deathmatch in the Paris rooftops of Hotel Royal.

Thirdly, the leaked gameplay shows Domination on Red Star, set in the snowy streets of Stalingrad. Last, but not least, the final match is Kill Confirmed on Eagle’s Nest.

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Additionally, the Beta gameplay gives players a glimpse of the weaponry available in Vanguard as well as the brand-new Combat Pacing system which could totally shake up Multiplayer.

And, of course, all of the maps feature the new destructible ‘reactive environments’ too. Check out the gameplay below to see what you think.

In other news, check out the Call of Duty Vanguard PS4 vs PS5 graphics comparison. The difference is bigger than you would think!

Also, fans of the series hate the new Radar Perk in Vanguard. This is because the mini-map is useless without it.

Finally, you might not have noticed in the leaked gameplay, but the Vanguard Beta won’t have an FOV slider! This is a huge disappointment for Call of Duty fans.

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