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Vanguard Beta Dead Silence Field Upgrade Has Received a Change

Call of Duty Vanguard has introduced a new change to the Dead Silence Field Upgrade, which players may not have noticed at first glance.

Recently the Vanguard Open Beta has finally started, giving players a slice of the action in Vanguard. Whilst players are already encountering issues, such as SBMM ruining the Vanguard beta experience, others are noticing hidden changes.

Alongside SBMM issues, PS4 players are also experiencing some major technical difficulties with the Vanguard Beta being virtually unplayable on PS4.

New Vanguard Operator Dead Silence
(Source: Activision)

Although with any new game iteration, there are bound to be some variations. Now, players have noticed a difference between the Dead Silence Field Upgrade in Vanguard compared to other games like Warzone & Modern Warfare.

However, first things first, here’s how to get free Call of Duty Vanguard Early Access Beta codes. If you are worrying about missing out on the action, make sure you grab one while the Beta is still ongoing.

Vanguard Beta Dead Silence Field Upgrade Change

It seems that Dead Silence has received a change for the Vanguard Beta, making players wonder whether it will be altered before the game’s official release.

For those that may not know, Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade that allows players to move silently across the map. Although perhaps this may not be too useful considering Vanguard Beta’s audio is too quiet according to most players.

Players have been able to spot a subtle change to the way Dead Silence works in Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard Combat Pacing Explained - Tactical, Standard, Blitz
(Source: Activision)

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Call of Duty fans have noticed that Dead Silence no longer increases player’s FOV. In a recent tweet, ModernWarzone noticed a slight change to the Field Upgrade which currently grants Warzone players slightly increased FOV.

Furthermore, FOV has been a point of contention in the Call of Duty community, being that it brings a huge tactical advantage. Although Vanguard does have an FOV slider on console, players are somewhat upset that Dead Silence does not bring the ninja-like FOV change.

Although it may seem like a minor change, to many players it is a noticeable one. Similarly, when players are struggling against major visibility issues in Vanguard’s Red Star map, every advantage helps.

However, we do know the best settings for Call of Duty Vanguard Beta, if you want to make your game look and run better.

Finally, Twitter has given ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Vanguard’ Hashtags their own emojis.

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