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Vanguard Beta Biggest Issues: Low TTK, Camping, Sprint-Out, Visibility, More

Players are complaining that the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta’s biggest issues already, and for good reason.

Call of Duty Vanguard’s Open Beta is now live, and players everywhere can experience the game for themselves. It’s always fun to get our hands on a new title, which is why we’re also eagerly awaiting the new Battlefield 2042 Beta release date too.

However, going hands-on with a new Call of Duty game also brings its glaring issues to light. And from what we can tell, Vanguard has more than its fair share of issues.

(Source: Activision)

First of all, there are already cheaters in the Vanguard Beta! It seems that the integrated Vanguard/Warzone anti-cheat isn’t ready just yet.

And both PC and Xbox players are having massive graphical bugs in Vanguard too, making the game near-unplayable.

Call of Duty Vanguard Beta Biggest Issues

If Sledgehammer Games is taking notes, it seems that Vanguard has more than a few problems already.

It didn’t take long before fans began to complain about many elements of Call of Duty Vanguard. Here are the biggest issues in Vanguard’s Beta gameplay:


(Source: Activision)

Fundamentally, a lot of Call of Duty Vanguard’s biggest issues come from its low TTK. Like Modern Warfare before it, Vanguard has an extremely fast Time To Kill, which leads to a low skill gap.

Since you can die in an instant, there’s not much room for outplaying enemies in Vanguard. Thanks to a high headshot multiplier and fast overall TTK, you can be dead in a heartbeat without ever getting a chance to react.

On maps with wide-open spaces, moving through areas with limited cover will result in an instant death most of the time. And it’s this TTK issue that leads into Vanguard’s other major issues.

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(Source: Activision)

We’ve already seen players complaining about the camping issue in Vanguard, and for good reason. Due to low TTK and a return to the Killstreak system, it just makes more sense to not put yourself in danger.

Features like blindfire and mounting are problematic in Call of Duty Vanguard too, as both encourage camping players to hold their positions.

There’s no reason to move from your advantageous position, such as the top of the boar in Gavutu or the rooftops of Red Star. And this in itself is a major problem with Vanguard’s core gameplay.

Sprint-Out Time

(Source: Activision)

What makes camping even more effective in Call of Duty Vanguard is the insane sprint-out time in-game. It takes so long to lower your weapon and begin firing after sprinting that you could be dead three times over with Vanguard’s TTK.

Again, this ties into a more conservative playstyle being the optimal one in-game. If the player that’s on the move is the one that’s more likely to die, why not post up somewhere and wait for enemies to come to you.

This issue will likely be even more prevalent when equipment such as the Bouncing Betty or S-Mine get used to their full potential.

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vanguard killstreaks
(Source: Activision)

One of the most disappointing elements of the Vanguard Beta is that Sledgehammer Games is returning to the Killstreaks system.

After Black Ops Cold War made use of Scorestreaks, Activision’s return to WW2 is bringing back something of an outdated mechanic. The issue with Killstreaks as a system is that it discourages playing the objective in favor of keeping your streak alive.

But perhaps the bigger issue is that Killstreaks don’t loop in Sledgehammer Games’ title. Once you’ve attained your top streak, there’s no way to earn any more rewards, meaning you may as well die and start over.

That is, unless you’re aiming to drop the V2 Rocket in Vanguard and end the game.


vanguard visibility
(Source: Activision)

Finally, although Sledgehammer Games is fixing visibility in Vanguard where it can, it’s still not easy to see what’s going on in-game.

Vanguard was near-unplayable on PS4 due to blur last weekend, and we’re noticing visual issues in the Open Beta too.

On top of that, the removal of Vanguard’s Factions was an unpopular choice, and we can see why. Unless you see that red name above someone’s head, you can’t easily tell if they’re an enemy or not.

And with both general visibility and enemy visibility being relatively poor, we’ll need some major fixes before Vanguard’s release date!

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