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Vanguard Beta’s Audio Is Too Quiet, Players Report

The Call of Duty Vanguard Beta is here at last, and players report that the game’s audio has some major issues.

Sound design is an important factor to consider when creating a game. In a fast-paced shooter like Call of Duty, it’s important to get things sounding exactly how they should be.

Right now, Vanguard players are finally able to hop into the Early Access Beta for themselves. And it seems that one complaint is rising above the rest.

Although fans are already complaining about Vanguard’s poor visibility or game modes that encourage camping, it’s the game’s audio that’s proving to be its biggest issue.

Vanguard Beta's Audio Is Too Quiet, Players Report
(Source: Activision)

If you want to hop in and experience the game for yourself, here’s how to get free Vanguard Early Access Beta codes!

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Vanguard Audio Sounds Muffled, Needs Fixing

One of the most popular complaints arising from the Vanguard Beta is that its audio needs fixing before launch.

In a series of posts to the CODVanguard subreddit, players are complaining about the game’s sound design. Early Access testers report that Vanguard’s audio is muffled, to the point where it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on in-game.

“It’s to the point where I even hear where bullets are coming from,” Reddit user BigFatBabyLegs writes. “And if the mini map didn’t have the teammate shooting icon I wouldn’t even know my teammates were firing because I can’t hear it.”

Many players seem to believe that Vanguard was louder in its Champion Hill Alpha than it is at present. Even using headphones, it appears that all sounds are coming through as if their source was much further away than it actually is.

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Call of Duty Vanguard
(Source: Activision)

There’s an exception to the rule, however, and that appears to be for Vanguard’s announcer, Butcher. Players are already growing tired of Butcher, who loudly shouts over the gameplay every few seconds.

But even that might not be as bad as this major Vanguard Beta issue

Of course, these types of problems are why Sledgehammer Games is doing a Beta in the first place. And we got big improvements to Vanguard since the last test period, so we expect the audio to be better at launch.

Another issue that needs attention is Vanguard’s new Suppression mechanic which looks broken already!

And Vanguard’s Blindfire feature may break Warzone on launch day too.

Speaking of Activision’s battle royale, we just got new details about the Warzone Pacific WW2 map and it’s looking amazing.

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