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Vanguard Best Settings on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One

If you’re dropping into Call of Duty Vanguard on launch day, here are the best settings that you should be using in-game.

Seasoned Call of Duty players will know that tweaking your in-game setting can truly change your experience for the better. And how better to enjoy the Vanguard launch day hype than with the right settings to let you spot enemies early and eliminate them before they can react?

Choosing your settings early is the best way to get used to them and gain an early advantage in Multiplayer. If you’re running Warzone’s best settings for performance and FPS, you’ll get a leg up in the Battle Royale for sure!

Best Call of Duty Vanguard Settings on Console

The same goes for Vanguard’s new Multiplayer! We recently discovered what settings give Call of Duty streamers zero recoil, and tried it out for ourselves.

Since it seems that Vanguard players hate the new Zombies mode, there’ll be a lot more Multiplayer action in our immediate future. So how better to enjoy it than with the best Vanguard settings on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, or Xbox One?

Best Call of Duty Vanguard Settings on Console

If you’re looking for the very best Vanguard settings for your console, here’s what you should be tweaking!


  • Horizontal Stick Sensitivity – 8
  • Vertical Stick Sensitivity – 8
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplyer – 0.7
  • Button Layout Preset – Tactical
  • Aim Response Curve Type – Either Standard or Dynamic (Find your favorite!)

These settings are primarily personal preference, but these are pro player TheXclusiveAce’s guidelines for Vanguard Multiplayer.

  • Controller Vibration – Off
  • Weapon Fire Threshold – Off
  • Left Stick Min Input Deadzone – 4 (Or as low as possible before your stick starts drifting)
  • Right Stick Min Input Deadzone – 4 (Or as low as possible before your stick starts drifting)

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  • Target Aim Assist Mode – Default
  • Sprint Cancels Reload – On
  • Slide Behaviour – Tap


  • Brightness – Set to 50 and then adjust your monitor’s visibility and colors accordingly.
  • Field of View – 90-100 going off preferance and experience level.
  • Camera Movement – Least (50%)
  • World Motion Blur – Off
  • Weapon Motion Blur – Off
  • Depth of Field – Off
  • On-Demand Texture Streaming – On (Unless you experience packet loss issues like these players!)

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  • Server Latency – Shown
  • Packet Loss – Shown
  • Telemetry label Size – Smaller
  • Mini Map Shape – Square
  • Crosshair Bobbing – Off

With these best Vanguard settings, you’ll be grinding out all the new Vanguard weapon camos in no time!

Unfortunately, it seems that fans already hate the new green Dark Aether weapon camo in Vanguard!

Many thanks to TheXclusiveAce for sharing his best Vanguard settings with the community – you can find his full video below:

Now that we’re finally getting to experience them for ourselves, which of the incredible Vanguard launch maps is your favorite?

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