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Vanguard: Best Combat Shotgun Loadout, High Damage – Tested & Working

Shotguns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But you can rule the lobby with this Vanguard Combat Shotgun loadout!

If you’ve been playing Vanguard since day one, there’s no way you haven’t heard about the Combat Shotgun. Players are already dominating Das Haus. Many of the irked players want to nerf down the overpowered shotgun.

The Combat Shotgun is especially wreaking havoc in the tiny multiplayer maps. You could load up your Combat Shotgun with the right attachments and rank up faster.

How to Unlock Combat Shotgun in Vanguard

To unlock Combat Shotgun in Vanguard, you need to reach level 14. You can add this lethal shotgun to your arsenal when you reach this level.

In any case or mode, you will want to max out your gun faster with this weapon XP guide.

Best Vanguard Combat Shotgun Attachments

Considering that you’ll be on hipfire most of the time, you can compromise a little on ADS. The reload speed can take a back seat as well.

Combat Shotgun Vanguard
Combat Shotgun

This loadout is more suitable for players who prefer hipfire over ADS. In close-quarter combat, you really need that speed and damage to be effective.

In a tiny map like Das Haus, there aren’t any exclusive hideouts where you can hide and snipe in peace. If ARs are your thing, then check out the best STG44 loadout in Vanguard.

  • Muzzle: M97 Full Choke
  • Underbarrel: Sawed-Off
  • Barrel: SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Ammo Type: Packed Powder
  • Magazine: 16 Gauge 10 Round Drums
  • Rear Grip: Pine Tar Grip
  • Stock: CGC 3M Adjustable
  • Optic: ZC2 1.35X
  • Proficiency: Vital
  • Kit: Quick

The packed powder compromises the accuracy of Combat Shotgun a bit. But it gives you that much-needed damage range. The optic doesn’t matter unless you plan on ADS-ing. But ZC2 1.35X lens is enough for an ADS backup.

The 16 Gauge 10 Round Drum magazine bogs down the movement speed but the ‘quick’ kit makes up for that. The ‘vital’ proficiency is crucial to the setup as it increases the critical hit area.

Best Combat Shotgun Perks, Equipment, and More

Here’s the best perk combination, equipment, and field upgrade that can take your gunplay to next level.

Vanguard Combat Shotgun
Vanguard Combat Shotgun
  • Perks: Ghost-Radar-Lightweight
  • Secondary: Machine Pistol
  • Lethal: Mk2 Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Stim
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

The Ghost-Radar-Lightweight perk combo will help you go stealthy, spot the enemies, and boost your movement speed.

You can swap the Machine Pistol for a Top Break Pistol. Alternatively, you can go for an Assault Rifle and pair it up with an Overkill perk.

If the Vanguard Combat Shotgun isn’t your gun, you can check out this insane Automaton loadout which might be the game’s best weapon.

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