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Vanguard Attack on Titan Crossover Event Leaks in Datamine

Could Call of Duty: Vanguard really have an Attack on Titan crossover event on the way? A new datamine certainly indicates that something is coming.

At the end of this year, fans will finally be treated to the long-awaited finale of the Attack on Titan franchise. A long-running anime series, Attack on Titan follows humanity’s battle against monstrous titans and the world beyond the walls.

The idea of an Attack on Titan crossover with Call of Duty Vanguard sounds ridiculous. But for those that are up-to-date with the latest season, viewers will know that the anime did just get a lot more WW2-inspired.

Attack on Titan Event in Call of Duty Vanguard
WIT Studio

Although it seems impossible for a game like Vanguard to get an anime-inspired event, we can’t help but think this would be incredible for the shooter.

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Attack on Titan Event in Call of Duty Vanguard

In a new datamine, leakers believe they’ve found reference to an upcoming Attack on Titan event in Call of Duty Vanguard!

Now that Vanguard is officially out in the wild, dataminers are having a field day. Delving into the files of the game, Vanguard dataminers are finding references to an upcoming event that appears to be about Attack on Titan.

In the Vanguard files, references to a “swordtitan” are present. And despite this not being a part of the Shingeki no Kyojin canon, it could well be a new feature coming exclusively to Vanguard.

attack on titan crossover vanguard

On top of that, an “aot_titan” Operator is also reportedly referenced, according to dataminer Nanikos. Could we see the likes of Eren Jaeger or Captain Levi appear in Call of Duty Vanguard soon?

Honestly, take this new rumor with a huge pinch of salt, as it seems like a leap for the franchise. However, considering that Attack on Titan’s final season is coming up, it’s not impossible.

Plus, it’s not like Call of Duty doesn’t already have some massive media franchises lending Operators to the game.

UPDATE: The iconic Attack on Titan swords are inside the Vanguard game files! This crossover just got more likely than ever.

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