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Vanguard: All Weapon Camos & Challenges Revealed

If you’re dropping into Call of Duty: Vanguard on Day One, here are all the weapon camo challenges you’ll need to grind out!

One of the most exciting moments of starting a new Call of Duty title is getting to begin your yearly camo grind. This time around, we might have more to unlock than ever before, with Sledgehammer Games focussing on content at Vanguard’s launch.

After all, there are an insane number of attachments on Vanguard weapons. And we’ll be impressed if the development team manages to keep everything balanced in Season 1.

Call of Duty Vanguard

If you’re excited to begin your grind, we hear that Vanguard Zombies mode is one of the fastest ways to level up your weapons in-game. And, judging by this Vanguard Zombies gameplay, it’s going to be a fun grind to experience!

All COD Vanguard Weapon Camos

With the game officially launching today, we can now reveal all the Call of Duty Vanguard weapon camos and challenges coming to the title.

This time around, players will be able to unlock a range of weapon camos for their Vanguard guns, each more exclusive than the last.


  • Gold – Complete All Weapon Camo Challenges for this Weapon
  • Diamond – Unlock the Gold Camo for 7 Assault Rifles (Varies by class)
  • Atomic – Unlock the Diamond Camo for all Weapon Classes

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  • Golden Viper – Complete All Camo Challenges for this Weapon
  • Plague Diamond – Unlock the Golden Viper Camo for 7 Assault Rifles (Varies by class)
  • Dark Aether – Unlock the Plague Diamond Camo for all Weapon Classes

Unfortunately, it seems that Vanguard fans hate the green Dark Aether camo already!

Check out this footage of the Call of Duty weapon camos in motion:

How to Complete All Vanguard Weapon Camo Challenges

And if you’re looking to complete all the Call of Duty Vanguard weapon camo challenges, here’s what you’ll need to do. It’s worth noting that the challenges below can only be progressed when in Multiplayer:

  • 100 Headshots
  • 50 Multikills
  • 5 Kills Without Dying 30 Times
  • 100 Longshots
  • 100 Point Blank Kills
  • 250 Kills With 10 Attachments
  • 100 Aim Down Sight Kills With Specific Attachments
  • 100 Headshots With Specific Attachments
  • Finally, 100 Kills While Moving With Specific Attachments

Players will be happy to see the back of Mounted Kills or Kills Behind Cover challenges. However, this is still a significant grind for Vanguard users to work through.

Meanwhile, check out all of Call of Duty Vanguard’s maps here!

And we’ve even got some exciting new images of the Warzone Pacific map, ‘Caldera’!

Plus, don’t forget this exclusive Vanguard content for PlayStation players on launch day!

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