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Vanguard: All Maps Revealed Before Launch

Activision has released a trove of information today on their upcoming titles. We know now every Call of Duty Vanguard map coming at launch.

The anticipation of the Vanguard launch is building, with the release date only a week away now. Players can’t wait to finally hop into the full game.

Luckily for all you impatient Call of Duty fans, Activision has just revealed a load of information about Vanguard. Plus, it includes possibly the most important info of all – the maps.

Check out every map launching with Call of Duty Vanguard below.

Plus, we also know that the Vanguard post-launch maps will be full of remakes.

Vanguard Launch Maps List

The wait is almost over and Activision has just revealed the Call of Duty Vanguard pre-load date. That means we will all be playing the latest Call of Duty title in a matter of days.

What’s more, we finally have more information about all 20 of the maps launching with Vanguard. Check out the 16 core multiplayer maps at launch alongside the 4 Champion Hill maps, and a very familiar post-launch remake.

Battle of Berlin

Battle of Berlin Vanguard Map

First up, the Battle of Berlin is a large size map that takes place in the destroyed city streets. This will allow for plenty of flanking opportunities past the stalled tanks and down tight alleyways.

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Bocage Vanguard Map

This farmer’s estate in Northern France has been taken over by infantry combat, following a tank battle. Fight your way through the farmhouse and stables in this medium-sized map.


Castle Vanguard Map

This will be familiar for long-time Call of Duty fans, as it is a remake of the classic World at War map of the same name. Set in an old Japanese fortress, this large map is covered in the orange Fall leaves.

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Das Haus

Das Haus Vanguard Map

Das Haus is a Special Forces training facility in Germany replicating the White House. This map will be full of close-quarters battles in the mock West Wing.


Decoy Vanguard Map

Another Special Forces training course, Decoy is a recreation of a full town. This medium-sized map features wooden houses and buildings that players will fight through.


Demyansk Vanguard Map

This small snowy map is divided in two by the Lovat River. On the West side there is a church and on the East side, there is a lumberyard.

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Desert Siege

Desert Siege Vanguard Map

Set in North Africa, Desert Siege is a large map that plays out across the desert. In addition to the small town, soldiers can take cover behind the rock formations and sand dunes.


Dome Vanguard Map

Another map remade for Vanguard, Dome takes place in the bombed Reichstag building in Berlin. World at War fans will love to see this map looking better than ever.

Eagle’s Nest

Eagle's Nest Vanguard Map

The first map on the list we played on in the Beta, Eagle’s Nest is a small, three-lane map set at high in the mountains. Just don’t get distracted by the scenic views off in the distance.

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Gavutu Vanguard Map

Also featured in the Beta, Gavutu was a favorite for many players. This is thanks to its Pacific location and impressive weather effects.

Hotel Royale

Hotel Royal Vanguard Map

Hotel Royal is a very small Vanguard map set in a hotel in Paris. Also featured in the Beta, this map has some surprising flank routes and verticality as you can go on the roof too.

Numa Numa

Numa Numa Vanguard Map

A small map with a large machine gun nest in the center, Numa Numa has some historical significance. It is based on the Battle of Piva Forks in the South Pacific.


Oasis Vanguard Map

This canyon oasis in North Africa is the site of an ambush on Axis reinforcements. Players will fight in and around ruins and the oasis lake.

Red Star

Red Star Vanguard Map

The final map from the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta, Red Star is set in the snowy Stalingrad streets. A main square surrounded by multiple buildings, each with many floors, this was by far the biggest map in the Beta.

Let’s just hope that the terrible visibility on Red Star has been fixed for the final version of the game

Sub Pens

Sub Pens Vanguard Map

Sub Pens is a U-Boat base just off the coast of France. Players will be fighting around the central submarine on this small map.


Tuscan Vanguard Map

The last of the base multiplayer maps launching with Call of Duty Vanguard is Tuscan. Expect a lot of indoor combat amongst Roman ruins and the surrounding buildings.

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Vanguard Champion Hill Maps

The brand-new Champion Hill game mode might just be one of the highlights of Call of Duty Vanguard.

Champion Hill includes a cluster of 4 maps surrounding the buy station area. They are all part of what seems like a large training facility and each have a different layout.

It is important to get used to the layout of each if you want to come out as the winner in Champion Hill.

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Vanguard Champion Hill Buy Station + 4 Maps


Vanguard Champion Hill Airstrip Map

Based around a short airstrip with parked planes, you’ll want to use the tall towers on the North and South side of the map to get a height advantage over your opponents.


Vanguard Champion Hill Courtyard Map

A symmetrical map with a load of destructible walls. Make sure to take cover at the beginning of the match or you could get spawn killed.


Vanguard Champion Hill Market Map

You’ll want to stay away from the central market area unless you are really desperate for that extra life. This map can get chaotic very quickly if you don’t know where your enemies are.


Vanguard Champion Hill Trainyard Map

The final map is another symmetrical one. This one has trains on either side, giving some great cover for some long-range kills.

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Vanguard Post Launch Map

If these 20 maps weren’t enough for you, there’s even more. Another new multiplayer map will be coming after launch in the November free content update.


Shipment Vanguard Map

This classic is returning in WW2 style on a beach. The original version featured in the Modern Warfare series. Although the style is different, the layout and dimensions look very similar.

Looking at the image released, we should expect a few differences in how it plays. Shipment is releasing for free on November 17th.

These are all of the maps coming to Call of Duty Vanguard at launch (and just after). Which one are you looking forward to playing on the most?

Meanwhile, there’s one Call of Duty map that is by far the most anticipated right now. Of course, we are talking about the new Pacific Warzone map, Caldera.

What’s more, Activision has revealed when the ‘Secrets of the Pacific’ map reveal event in Warzone is happening.

(Source: Call of Duty Blog)

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