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Valorant: Yoru Teleport Bug Goes Way Further Than You Think

The Valorant community is dying to know what Riot plans to do about the Yoru teleport bug.

Valorant has just seen the launch of a brand new agent, Yoru, someone we have been following closely.

The new Valorant agent has been hotly debated, with discussion as to whether Yoru is overhyped or overpowered.

Yoru - Valorant Image
(Source: Valorant)

With the drop of this new Agent, we have seen the introduction of a new ability set, including a Teleport. One that enables players to teleport across the map if they get the lineups just right.

Unfortunately, some are covering way more distance than they were hoping to.

Yoru Teleport Bugs

Getting teleported underneath or outside of the map like the player who posted this clip:

(Source: Reddit)

This doesn't appear to be an isolated incident with Yoru either as someone has documented how they used his abilities to clip outside the playable zone:

(Source: Reddit)

Less of a game-breaker and more of an annoyance, we found that if Yoru jumps before teleporting to a location at a lower plane the player takes fall damage.

(Source: Reddit)

Further Yoru Teleport Issues

This is not the first of bugs we have seen where abilities are creating unintended consequences, but typically they have been confined to specific maps like Bind or Ascent.

They are also not so all-encompassing compared to what we are seeing with Yoru's abilities. However, Yoru might not be the only one affected by the Patch.

We documented earlier this week how Omen was accidentally nerfed due to Patch 2.0 bugs, according to developers.

No, this is the next in a long list of fixes, that Riot will have to address, and hopefully quickly. To give them credit, they have been quick to respond to concerns through community reporting.

Will the Yoru Teleport Bug Be Fixed?

The community has expressed these concerns, not because of a disdain for the game, but out of passion. The Valorant Subreddit has even established a central hub for Bug Documentation.

The Community and Developers are working hand-in-hand to try and fix issues as they arise. Something Call of Duty players are surely jealous of with the underwhelming response in regards to multiplayer issues.

(Source: Reddit)

We hope to document the response to this issue closely. Until then, be careful which corners you teleport to, it may just set your team back a round.

If you're interested in some of the positive changes that came with Patch 2.0, consider checking out how balance has been brought to the Controller position. Where Brimstone and Omen have been fighting for playtime.

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