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Valorant: Yoru’s Fakeout Ability Is Already Getting a Buff

Valorant's newest agent Yoru is attracting quite a fair deal of attention, especially since he could already be receiving a buff.

When a new Valorant agent releases, the community always races to find out just what they're capable of. And with thousands of players trying out a new character every hour, there's always an exploit or two to uncover.

But while Valorant pros are trying to work out if Yoru is overhyped or overpowered, the new character is already getting a buff. Usually, Riot Games likes to let the meta settle for a while before making changes to an Agent.

yoru valorant buff
(Source: Riot Games)

However, in this instance, there's something missing from Yoru's kit.

Valorant is Buffing Yoru's Fakeout Ability

As the headline indicates, Riot Games is already dishing out the buffs to new Valorant Agent Yoru's Fakeout ability. To be honest, this isn't so much an early buff as it is a much-needed bug fix.

Speaking to fans on Twitter, Valorant Game Designer Rycoux informs fans that a buff is coming to Yoru's Fakeout. More specifically, the ability will now work as intended.

According to the Valorant developer, Yoru's Fakeout ability, which mimics the sound of enemy footsteps, should also trigger the teleporter sound. Yoru mains can use this trick to their advantage, by fooling enemies into thinking that they've teleported away.

Yoru Valorant Fakeout Buff
(Source: Riot Games)

But right now, Yoru's Fakeout isn't triggering teleporters in Valorant. A fix is reportedly on the way and should be ready by the next patch.

That said, Rycoux jokes that the new change could break the game and therefore take a little more time to develop. We'll have to hope that this minor bug isn't quite as threatening to Valorant as he speculates.

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