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Valorant Viper Buffs & Fixes Coming Soon According to Patch Notes

Future Viper Buffs likely incoming, as Riot acknowledges her poor performance in Patch Notes 2.0.

Viper Update Notes 2.0
(Source: Valorant)

Her progress may currently be set back even further by the recent Buff to Brimstone, pushing him to the primary candidate for Controller.

Viper struggles from a sub-par kit of abilities, outclassed by others in the same role.

Viper's Abilities

Q - Poison Cloud: a Smoke Bomb that deploys poison gas where thrown. It drains her Poison Meter is shared with a second ability, Toxic Screen.

E - Toxic Screen: Deploy a wall of toxic gas that can be used to screen team movements, it can be traversed he cost of damage. The ability pulls from her Poison Meter mentioned previously, requiring a balancing act.

C - Snake Bite: Fire off a ranged poison pool that damages and slows. This ability is the lowest impact of her low impact arsenal.

X - Viper's Pit: Create a massive Poison Cloud that covers an area, decreasing vision and maximum health of players who enter it.

Viper's Pit Valorant
(Source: Polygon)

Is Viper Bad in Valorant?

Viper has seen very low pro pick percentages due to one simple fact. Compared to the other Controller options: Brimstone and Omen, she doesn't bring enough to the table.

Brimstone and Omen both have smokes with a greater range of deployment. Neither requiring LOS (Line of Sight), while Poison Cloud does.

Brimstone's smoke duration within the maximum of Poison Cloud (20 seconds - 19.25 seconds) and Omen has a recharging smoke for free lasting 15 seconds.

In addition there is little downside for pushing through the vision blocking tools that Viper has. Vulnerability and Decay being the two key aspects of her tools, neither providing enough time to act on.

Furthermore, Snake Bite provides little in the way of obstruction with so many agents introducing Teleportation and Dash abilities to help them avoid Traps.

Finally, her Ultimate, Viper's Pit while nice for its Vision Block and Health Decrease can negatively impact her as she can't see outside of her affected zone. Leaving Viper as disadvantaged as those she attempts to ensnare in the trap.

(Source: Hasagi)

Viper Potential Fixes:

While Viper has a long way to go before she becomes a force like Brimstone or Omen in the Controller position, she is not a lost cause.

One member of the community suggests Damage Buffs to her Vision Blocking abilities to provide more pure impact for pushing. As he points out she has the strongest Vision Blocking arsenal in the game, but not enough punishment.

Another possible answer could be to provide positional awareness when her abilities have been passed through. This would give her greater map presence and be useful on both the Attacking and Defending sides.

Especially with the introduction of Yoru whose ability to traverse unseen will become a threat in future matches.


With a 2-week patch target, stated by developers be on the lookout for incoming Viper updates. A solid concept not being argued as the base of the agent, all she needs now are the tools to respond.

This writer for one will be looking to practice her in the hopes she receives the much-needed attention.

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