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Valorant Update v4.09 Patch Notes Bring Fade and Chamber Changes

A new update for Valorant, v4.09, brings some minor changes to Fade and Chamber, as well as fixing some minor issues. Check out the Valorant v4.09 patch notes below!

With Valorant Act 3 Episode 4 underway, Riot Games will look to balance the existing pool of Agents for competitive play.

Patches or updates allow Riot Games to consistently update Valorant, allowing them to keep the game balanced. It also allows Valorant to remain as bug and issue-free as possible!

And the latest Valorant patch, version 4.09, brings some small changes to two agents, as well as fixing some minor glitches. Here are the patch notes for the latest Valorant update.

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Riot Games

Valorant Patch Notes for Version 4.09 – Chamber Changes Coming

A new update for Valorant has been recently released. Here are the changes made in Valorant v4.09!

Before we get into the Valorant patch notes, it seems some further Chamber changes are incoming. We recently reported Riot testing changes to the Agent, and he also topped our Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 agent tier list too.

Jay Watford, Lead Agent Designer for Valorant, and Dan Hardison, who is a Game Designer on Valorant too, had this to say about Chamber:

“Like all our Agents, it’s important to carve out sharp strengths and weaknesses for Chamber in the roster. If you take him for his weapon arsenal and disengage, you should feel as if you’re giving up a strength—like traps or stall—that his peers excel at. As usual, all eyes are now on Chamber changes, and we’ll adjust if we see him suffer disproportionately on defense relative to attack.”

Aside from that, here are the current changes in Valorant v4.09:

Agent Changes

  • Fade
    • Nightfall (X) – You should now see a decreased amount of flickering textures on diagonal walls when casting Fade’s ultimate. Also added VFX for additional clarity and visual impact.
    • Seize (Q) – VFX change to the orb for a more dynamic presentation in 1p and Agent select
  • Chamber
    • Trademark
      • Cost increased 150>>>200
      • Charges reduced 2>>>1
      • Audio range increased

Competitive Updates

  • Party Lead Transfer — You can now change the lead of your party
    • The current party leader can right-click the player name they want to transfer the responsibility to, and choose “Make Leader” in the drop-down menu.
  • A number of small tweaks and updates were made to the UI 
valorant fade all abilities ultimate gameplay trailer release date episode 4 act 3
Riot Games

Esports Features

  • Added Observer ability to toggle Scoreboard on/off

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Jett’s Tailwind would sometimes fail to cast when used immediately after curving a Cloudburst smoke
  • Fixed a bug where Jett’s ultimate indicator would sometimes stay active after firing all kunai
  • Solved an issue where an unintended ‘use’ input could happen after abilities such as Skye’s Trailblazer or Sova’s Owl Drone are activated while using the ‘use’ key

Those are the changes made in the latest Valorant v4.09 update. While you’re here, check out 13 minutes of Valorant Mobile gameplay!

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And while Chamber may currently be in Riot Games‘ sights, fans are calling for changes to Phoenix in future Valorant updates.

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Tuesday 10th of May 2022

chamber is busted lol