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Valorant Titanmail Bundle Skins Images, Release Date, Price, VFX Finisher, and More

A brand new Titanmail bundle is here in Valorant and here’s everything you need to know about the bundle skins along with their prices.

The final Act for Episode 4 is well underway and Riot is introducing a lot of changes in the game.

While Patch 4.08 brought changes to both Jett and Sova’s utilities, the latest Patch 4.09 has introduced Chamber nerfs and Fade changes.

However, if you’re wondering where to spend your VP, a new bundle – Titanmail will soon make its way into Valorant.

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valorant titanmail bundle vandal knife mace skins release date price cost vfx finisher upgrades variants
Left: Titanmail Vandal skin, Right: Titanmail Mace knife
Riot Games

Valorant Titanmail Bundle: Cost, Release Date, Knife, Vandal, Player Card, Gun Buddy, Finisher, and More

The Titanmail bundle will be available in Valorant on May 11, a day after Patch 4.09’s release. The bundle includes skins for Vandal, Ares, Frenzy, Bucky, and a brand new Titanmail Mace knife.

The bundle will also offer a player card, a gun buddy, and a spray apart from the skins. Like the last bundle – RGX 2.0, the bundle price and the price per skin will be the same.

You can check out all the prices for the above-mentioned skins along with the prices of player cards and the entire bundle below.

  • Price per Skin – 2175 VP
  • Player card Price – 375 VP
  • Spray Price – 325 VP
  • Gunbuddy Price – 475 VP
  • Titanmail Bundle Price – 8700 VP

With only 1 day and 3 hours remaining, at the time of writing, for the RGX bundle in Valorant Store, we can expect the Titanmail bundle to release at the following time for each region:

  • North America – 2 PM (PT) May 11
  • Europe – 9 PM (GMT) May 11
  • Southeast Asia – 2.30 AM (IST) May 12

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valorant titanmail bundle all skins frenzy bucky vandal knife mace ares price release date cost

While Bucky and Ares are not used as much since their nerfs, the Frenzy and Vandal skins look great in the Titanmail bundle.

Special thanks to ‘ValorLeaks‘ for sharing all the information regarding the Titanmail bundle coming to Valorant.

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