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Valorant: How to Teleport to Enemy Spawn With Yoru

Want to teleport all the way to the Valorant enemy spawns with Yoru? We've got the plays for you!

Valorant's new Agent Yoru specializes in throwing enemies off their game. Whether it's faking the sound of incoming footsteps, or teleporting behind the defending players, he's a master of deception.

There's been a lot of debate as to whether Yoru is overhyped or overpowered in Valorant. However, we'd say any character that can teleport directly into the enemy spawn area is definitely one to watch.

Yoru Valorant Ability Guide
(Source: Riot Games)

Thanks to his Gatecrash ability, Yoru can send out a small orb directly forward, allowing him to teleport to its location. But some players have worked out a number of ways for this to result in a sneaky cross-map play.

Combine these tactics with optimal use of Yoru's Blindside in Valorant, and players can be a real force to be reckoned with.

Yoru Guide: How to Gatecrash Teleport into Enemy Spawn

Players are already finding ways for Yoru to teleport into enemy spawns on each of Valorant's maps. Here are some of the easiest line-ups that we've seen so far:

Haven - Yoru Teleport to Enemy Spawn

When attacking on Haven, Valorant's infamous 3-point map, you'll want to head left towards C point.

Stand in this specific dirt spot on the ground, and line yourself up with this brick. This will cause the Gatecrash ability to travel forward, all the way into the enemy spawn.

Don't worry about the orb being spotted as it's actually relatively sneaky. Enemies will only notice the ability if they're close enough to it.

Bind - Yoru Teleport to Enemy Spawn

On Bind, players have discovered a good way to head to enemy spawn as a defender. This isn't something you'd normally want to do, but it's a great way of getting the drop on incoming enemies.

Plus, should an enemy notice your incoming teleport, they'll likely turn their attention towards the Gatecrash orb. This will break up the incoming team, or distract them while you set up on the point.

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You can even use the ability as a distraction, to bait enemies before popping out for a quick kill.

Ascent - Yoru Teleport to Enemy Spawn

When playing Valorant's first post-launch map, Ascent, it's again possible to get behind the defending team's back lines.

Using this incredible Yoru teleport line-up, an attacking player can enter the enemy spawn and take their foes by surprise. Try mixing up your strategies, by teleporting to your Gatecrash one round, but using it as bait in the next.

It's important to keep the enemy team guessing. If even one of them is watching your orb, waiting for a teleport, your full squad is at an advantage.

Split - Yoru Teleport to Enemy Spawn

As it turns out, Split in the map with the most Yoru teleport exploits.

Using this collection of cross-map Yoru teleports, Reddit user pyrodenia shows off some of Valorant's best movement options.

Of course, we're sure that every map has its fair share of perfect Gatecrash spots. But we'll have to wait and see which are viable in more competitive Valorant play.

If you can believe it, Valorant's Yoru is actually getting a buff soon. Thankfully, it's not to the Gatecrash ability.

Meanwhile, Omen appears to have received a secret nerf in the latest Valorant update.

Right now, there are major issues with the new Valorant ranked system. What's more, the game's community is calling for harsher penalties for those who leave Valorant matches early.

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