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Valorant Pro Shows the Best Way to Use Yoru’s Blindside

The latest Agent to join the Valorant roster is Yoru, but do you know how best to use Yoru's Blindside ability?

Yoru is Valorant's fifth duelist style agent, and the latest to be added to the game.

The stylish looking Japanese Agent is packed with an array of utility designed to confuse and disorient enemies.

Yoru is already causing some discussion in the Valorant community as to whether he is overhyped or overpowered.

Undoubtedly, Yoru's kit is extremely powerful and he is a truly unique addition to the game.

One Valorant pro player has shown off the best way to use Yoru's Blindside ability.

New Valorant Agent Yoru

Yoru hasn't been out for very long, so it's safe to say players are still figuring out the best ways to use his abilities.

When a new character is added to Valorant it can greatly affect the current meta.

Interestingly, it takes a while for players to adjust to dealing with any new abilities.

Therefore, now is the time to practice playing Yoru, as well as how to use his abilities effectively.

Yoru's Blindside Ability
Source: Riot Games

Unlike other Agents in Valorant, Yoru's Blindside works in a completely different way from what we've seen before.

One pro player named Subroza has provided Valorant fans with an insane play that showcases one way to use the Blindside ability.

Here is the clip below, which shows a team-wipe using Yoru's Blindside ability:

Subroza is able to show off the strength of Yoru in this clip. His Blindside flash is completely different from other Valorant flashes in the game.

Yoru's Blindside can bounce off walls and unlike Pheonix's flash, Blindside activates instantly.

How To Use Yoru's Blindside Effectively

Subroza has shown how to effectively use Yoru's Blindside ability. Although aiming ability definitely has a large part to play.

It appears the secret to playing Yoru well, is to combine his Gatecrash ability with his Blindside ability.

By predicting an enemy push on Ascent's point A, Subroza sets off a flash and manages to blind four enemies.

By then recalling using Gatecrash, he is able to avoid damage before using a second Blindside to secure a very satisfying team wipe.

Valorant - Yoru Blindside
Source: Riot Games

It appears that Yoru is great at both flanking and deceiving the enemy. His teleport ability in particular can be extremely useful, as seen in the clip above.

Furthermore, being able to swap or reset positions whilst making use of Yoru's Blindside ability appears to be the best way to maximize his utility.

Although, one of Yoru's abilities, Fakeout, is already getting a buff. Yoru is undoubtedly a strong addition to the Valorant roster.

Interestingly, Valorant's 2.0 patch includes a major Brimstone buff and a nerf for Omen.

It will be interesting to see new and exciting plays with Yoru. Furthermore, we are excited to see how he changes the playing field, being a new Agent.

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