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Valorant Players Discover Huge Killjoy Exploit on Bind

It is undeniable that Killjoy is extremely useful on Valorant's Bind, but with this new exploit, she is one of the best Agents available.

Bind is one of the three original maps in Valorant, meaning exploits are quite rare as they have been patched already.

When a potentially game-changing exploit like this one arises, players tend to take notice.

Valorant killjoy exploit
Source: Riot Games

Exploits on Valorant's Bind Map

Since its release, Bind has remained somewhat calm with exploits.

However, Riot Games has had some difficulty with the teleporters on the map.

Bind is the only of the five maps available to have an active teleportation system that any agent can use.

While it makes Bind unique, it does provide some difficulty with making sure some agent's abilities don't break the map.

Players recently confirmed that Yoru's Fakeout ability does not trigger the teleporters as intended.

Therefore, Yoru is scheduled to receive a buff to his abilities in a future update.

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Game-Changing Killjoy Exploit on Bind

Reddit user Marckooooo posted a video of the game-altering Killjoy exploit that amassed nearly 1,000 upvotes at the time of this story's publication.

The exploit, which allows Killjoy to open the door of the A to B teleporter from Hookah, is quickly proving to be difficult to combat.

The exploit requires Killjoy to place her Alarmbot in a specific part of the teleporter door frame.

When done successfully, the door will open, allowing Killjoy to enter the teleporter to pick off enemies as they rotate from A to B.

This exploit is extremely similar to one with Cypher and his Spycam, which Riot Games patched almost immediately when found.

It's just a matter of time before Riot Games patches this Valorant Killjoy exploit, so enjoy it (or deal with it) for now.

In the meantime, be sure to check out this game-breaking Raze exploit on Ascent.

Also, Viper buffs and fixes are coming soon according to the most recent patch notes.

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