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Valorant Patch 2.0 Ranked System Explained

Valorant has pulled away the fog from the Ranked System and has plenty to show!

Players have been expressing excitement over Ranked changes that look to improve motivation for top players and those climbing from the bottom.

Riot Games has been working on fine-tuning its Ranked System. As a result, this will take the guesswork out of when to expect to promote or de-rank.

Like Omen's Paranoia, Riot's first iteration of Ranked left people in the dark. A simple "Up Arrow" or "Down Arrow" to indicate which way they were trending.

Old Valorant Rank System
(Source: Valorant)

Now they are implementing a Solid Point System with several gates that will help protect players from falling too quickly.

Demotion Protection

These gates include requiring a loss at 0 points for demotion. Only decreasing to a max of 80/100 points of the lower rank.

Saving you a little bit of trouble if you have that bad teammate we've all had. Don't worry, it's definitely not your fault, and it's never your fault...

Riot Games has implemented changes to keep players at the top engaged for those looking to climb, something that top pros stated was an issue with the previous system.

Regional Leaderboards

Valorant Act 1: Episode 2 NA Leaderboard
(Source: Valorant)

Radiant and Immortal Leaderboards will now be available to the public, in-game and online. Giving players like 13-year-old player @Bonesllb incentive to grind.

(Source: Twitter)

The top ranks will be completely dynamic, shifting and changing as the season carries on. A change that many appreciate as it gives them an incentive to keep playing.

Additional changes include adjustments to Immortal. With the introduction of a leaderboard, they are eliminating the Immortal sub-ranks, in favor of a single Immortal rank.

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Riot stating that winning, and winning by large margins will affect your rank climb the most.

Riot's effort to promote team-play over individual performance, something that roles like controller provide opportunities for.

For more info on who the top controllers going into patch 2.0 are, check out our article on Valorant Buffs and Nerfs for Controller Agents.

Rewards for Ranks

Ranked Gun Buddies Badges
(Source: Ginx TV)

Riot has been very vocal in showing their plan to increase the rewards for Ranked. Ranked Gun Buddies, which can be used to display your rank on any weapon.

Moving forward the Badge System has been adjusted as well. No longer requiring you to grind wins away to gain that Radiant Badge, now simply finishing in that Rank will earn you bragging right. Which if we are honest, is all we are looking for.

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