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Valorant Night Market – Ep 4 Act 3 Date, Skins Included, and More

Riot Games usually hold a special event in Valorant called the Night Market. Here is what the Night Market is, what skins will be included, and when the next Night Market will be available in Ep4 Act 3 of Valorant!

Valorant is filled with some awesome weapon skins, such as the recently released RGX 11z Pro 2 Bundle which came with the start of the current season.

However, the Valorant store changes daily and is unique to every player. This means that, if there is a skin you want, you may not get it in your store for a while.

But you may get a chance to see your favorite skins, and at a discount, during the Valorant Night Market.

Valorant Night Market Date, Skins and Information
Riot Games

What is the Night Market in Valorant?

The Night Market is a periodic store event in Valorant, which allows players to buy skins at a discounted price.

Valorant’s Night Market usually comes without much warning, causing a lot of hype online when it arrives. Players will receive six offers for random weapon skins, at an offer price. Those skins will be the only offers you get for the Night Market’s duration.

Each player receives a different Night Market set, so you may not get any skins that you like during a Night Market event.

What Skins Will Riot Include in the Valorant Night Market?

The only skins that aren’t available during the Night Market are Exclusive or Ultra Edition skins, as well as melee skins which are included in these skin collections.

And unfortunately, due to the randomized nature of the Valorant Night Market, you won’t be able to select which weapon skins appear.

Valorant When is the Next Night Market
Riot Games

However, if one of the weapon skins you desperately want appears, you’ll be able to get it at a discounted rate. You can also trade in two old skins to help discount skins further.

When is the Valorant Night Market during Ep 4 Act 3?

The Valorant Night Market will likely return in early June 2022, if previous Night Markets are anything to go by.

Update: Popular Valorant leaker ValorLeaks has stated that the Night Market event will start May 18, and end on June 1 for North America. The original article will continue below.

In 2021, there were six Night Market events. These were February, April, June, July, September, and December.

We have had two Night Markets already in 2022, which were in February and April. That would make a June Night Market more than likely.

If you’re hoping to fill up your Valorant skins collection, you have until early June 2022 to save up!

While you’re here, check out our Agents tier list for Valorant Ep 4 Act 3.

And if you’re hoping to take Valorant on the go, 13 minutes of Valorant Mobile gameplay has recently been released.

And with the Valorant Agent, Chamber, currently high up on many tier lists, it seems that Riot Games are testing Chamber changes and nerfs.

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