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This Valorant Killjoy Exploit on Split Will Win You Any Game

There's a new Valorant exploit that will help you win any game on Split, so long as you pick Killjoy.

Killjoy is an Agent that seems like they can do everything. With her Turret and Lockdown abilities, the post-launch Agent worried fans prior to release.

Thankfully, despite Killjoy certainly being a powerful asset to any team, she's not unstoppable. Until now.

valorant killjoy exploit
(Source: Riot Games)

With this new exploit in hand, Killjoy users will be able to win any game on Split. This is sure to make Valorant players hate the game's Ranked mode even more, especially if it becomes common knowledge.

New Valorant Killjoy Exploit for 100% Win Rate on Split

This new Valorant Killjoy exploit on Split was discovered by Reddit user LingerALittleLonger, and will guarantee a 100% win rate on the map. To perform the exploit, simply head to the box to the right of the Garage entrance, at B site.

You'll need to make sure B is clear, or disguise your intentions from those watching the site. But planting as close as possible to the corner where the box meets the wall is what we're looking for.

valorant split map
(Source: Riot Games)

You can even use this new Valorant exploit to plant the Spike silently, making sure enemies can't hear you.

Then, once the Spike is planted, line up your cursor with the area where the two boxes meet the wall and throw your Nanoswarm grenade. The ability will become intangible, lying in wait inside the boxes.

If an enemy should come to defuse the Spike, simply activate your grenade, which is both invincible and invisible, for an easy kill. We've seen this strange exploit that allows abilities to travel through Valorant walls before, but never quite so effectively.

This new glitch is possible thanks to the new Valorant update which makes major changes to Split. It's clearly going to take some time for Riot Games to have things working perfectly.

There's also another game-winning trick with one of Yoru's abilities that's worth knowing about. The new Valorant agent can even teleport directly into the enemy spawn with ease.

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