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Valorant Has A New Best Sage Wall Spot on Split in Patch 2.01

This new Valorant trick with Sage on the newly updated Split will be the advantage you need to win the game.

Sage is the only agent in Valorant to have the ability to place a solid obstacle, forcing enemies to slow their aggression.

With practice, this trick with Sage's Barrier Orb will help you catch your opponent off guard on attack or defense.

sage wall on split
Source: Riot Games

Overpowered and slightly game-breaking Sage walls have ridden Valorant since the game's launch in early 2020.

With this specific Sage trick, players are guaranteed to take an advantage over other players on Split.

New Sage Wall Trick on Updated Split

Reddit user The_Nose_ shared this unique trick with Sage's Barrier Orb recently and it has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

This trick requires Sage's Barrier Orb and some precision to pull off successfully.

What makes this trick unique is that it can be performed on either defense or attack. However, it is much easier to pull off on defense as it can be done as soon as the round starts.

valorant split Sage wall
Source: Riot Games

First, find your way to the B Heaven Rafters area of the map.

Then, pull out the Barrier Orb and rotate it vertically.

Next, run and jump from B Heaven Rafters onto the new box in between the pillar and B Garage.

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Finally, place the wall as soon as you can on top of the box.

VoilĂ ! Now you're boosted nearly as high up as B Heaven but inside of the bomb site.

This trick not only gives defenders the advantage over players pushing out of garage, but it can also give attackers eye site of the defender side alley if

This trick is sure to send some rifts through the competitive scene on the newly updated Split.

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While many players welcomed the major changes to Split, others are optimistic.

A game-breaking exploit with Killjoy is causing a nearly 100 percent win rate when attacking on Split.

Unfortunately, yet another game-breaking exploit spawned from the 2.01 update.

Players now have the ability to plant the spike completely free of sound, creating an advantage sure to tilt players on defense.

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