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Valorant Has a Game-Breaking Glitch on Ascent

There's a new game-breaking Valorant glitch on the game's Ascent map, and players are not happy about it.

When it comes to competitive games like Riot Games' Valorant, every ability can turn the tides of the fight. However, one game-breaking Ascent glitch is stealing these abilities from players mid-round.

Now that Valorant Episode 2 is finally here, it seems that more exploits than ever before are beginning to arise. Of course, it's to be expected that a new season would come with at least a handful of issues, but this one is an unfortunate problem for Ascent fans.

ascent valorant glitch
(Source: Riot Games)

When attacking on Valorant's launch map, players are finding that a new game-breaking glitch is majorly getting in the way.

Valorant Ascent Glitch Makes Abilities Fall Through the Floor

A new discovery on Ascent proves that Valorant still has a bug or two to be found. In the new glitch, attacking players on Ascent have their Valorant Agent's abilities fall through the floor on a certain area of the map.

Twitter user CrashMaaate was the first to discover the new bug when trying to heal himself with Phoenix. After taking out two players on the enemy squad, the user only had two more to beat.

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Unfortunately, when Phoenix threw his Hot Hands ability at the ground to heal, the fireball fell through the Ascent floor completely. This strange Valorant glitch occurred on the Ascent ramps heading up to A point's walkway.

What's more, the user was able to replicate the glitch in testing. And not even solely with Phoenix's kit.

As it turns out, Killjoy, Viper, Sova, Cypher, Raze, and Brimstone are all susceptible to the issue. When you're heading up this ramp, be sure to keep your abilities to yourself until you arrive at steadier ground.

Valorant's newest Agent doesn't appear to be affected by the problem, however. In fact, Yoru even has a new game-winning ability trick in Valorant.

We've collected quite a number of new Yoru techniques to help you win in Valorant. If you're thinking of unlocking the new Agent, be sure to check them out.

And if you're a more defensive player by nature, you should instead check out Killjoy's huge new Bind exploit.

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