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Valorant Devs Tackling Toxicity Soon

Riot Games is attempting to tackle the toxic voice comms issue that continues to plague gaming.

We all deal with toxicity now. With games offering anonymity to anyone, many are quick to dehumanize people on the other side of the screen.

It can be difficult especially now, as games get more and more complicated they often require vocal communication.

Something that a Ping System has helped to alleviate, but at the highest levels of competition, communication is required.

One person voiced their frustrations to the Valorant Reddit page recently:

These community posts are not uncommon either.

As of right now, Riot's solution has been to suggest players mute each other if toxicity becomes an issue.

Communications Tab, Valorant, Team Chat
(Source: Riot Games)

In a lot of cases though, Voice Chat is essential to teamwork and success. Without it, winning can become even more difficult.

Often times adding to the frustration and growing community toxicity.

Frustrations not including those that have been felt from the new Spike abuses.

These issues often result in gaming community toxicity that grows and persists and often drags people in.

As we have seen in Riot's flagship game League of Legends, you don't even need Voice Chat to experience toxicity. Though that hasn't stopped the MOBA from gaining infamy for just how abrasive players can be.

One step in the right direction has been the speed with which Riot has been dropping Patches, with Patch 2.01 coming 8 days after the most recent Patch.

It does seem like Riot is aware, and though the problem is not uniquely theirs, they are trying to make impactful steps.

In a recent Reddit Thread, a female dev for Riot spoke to the issue women and girls are having with Voice Chat.

(Source: Reddit)

Let's hope that the changes come soon. Riot has been quick to respond, though this is an issue that has plagued gaming for years.

Until then it is on us in the community to treat each other with respect. Making sure to hold each other accountable to higher standards, and make the community a better place for everyone.

It seems like a lot of frustration is coming to the surface though, like Pro reactions to the new Ranked Reset or lack of penalties for leavers.

For our sake, and the sake of Valorant, let's just hope solutions come soon.

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