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Valorant Developer Responds to Secret Omen Nerf

In an act of crowd control, Valorant developer Riot Games recently responded to a hidden Omen ability nerf.

In the Valorant update 2.0, Riot Games nerfed the fan-favorite Controller Agent significantly.

Most importantly, Omen's Paranoia increased from $200 to $400 and the shrouded cover received a nerf to its deploy speed.

While Riot Games listed both of these changes publicly in the patch notes, another significant change was not.

Omen received another game-altering change, which Riot Games did not fully intend to happen.

Omen nerf
(Source: Riot Games)

The "Secret" Omen Nerf

In the days immediately following the Valorant 2.0 update that brought major changes, players cited a major flaw to Omen.

Not only did this flaw exist, but the issue did not appear in the official patch notes at all.

This led players and fans alike to believe Omen received a secret nerf in Valorant.

The hidden flaw completely nerfed Omen's Shrouded Step, or teleport, ability making it nearly unusable in certain situations.

For example, players could no longer teleport through the fence connecting CT spawn and middle B on Icebox.

However, Riot Games confirmed the significant change to the Agent's Shrouded Step was the result of a bug.

Riot Games Responds to Omen Nerf

In a move to alleviate pressure regarding Valorant's Omen nerf, Riot Games developer Altombre confirmed it was not intended to happen at all.

"This teleport change was not intended in our set of Omen nerfs, likely a result of a bug or something else that shipped in the patch," writes Riot Games insights team member Altombre. "We're talking about it!"

Riot Games also confirmed it is looking into the issue and will update the community as soon as possible.

valorant omen

While this may seem like an act of good faith, it may be too late.

Players who primarily play Agents with smoke abilities have already begun switching from Omen to Brimstone.

Brimstone received a major buff in Update 2.0, which makes him a viable option on most maps now instead of Omen.

Players may soon also have another sufficient Controller Agent option for competitive matches in Viper.

Viper is expected to receive a major buff and fixes in the next update to Valorant.

While we wait for more information regarding the Omen nerf, be sure to check out this game-breaking Raze exploit on Ascent.

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