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Valorant Community Angry at Lack of Leaver Penalties

Valorant Ranked continues to sow frustration as players deal with leavers.

It seems like Valorant is struggling to find a proper punishment for leavers according to the community.

A community that is getting more and more vocal over their frustrations.

Losing It Over Valorant Leavers

In a Reddit Thread posted January 17th, community member u/B8hoVeN:

(Source: Reddit)

Wanting to put this to the test, immediately after reading this feed I hopped on. It took only 2 matches before it happened.

With not one leaver, but two, seen here:

Game Score Valorant Competitive Match
(Source: Valorant)

Riot did implement a system with Patch 1.14 that required you to win 10 games in unranked as a prerequisite to ranked play. However, it still seems to be the case, especially in lower ranks that leaving is quite frequent.

Some may say that Riot is not to blame for the bad attitudes of the few. However, others point out that there have been bug and reconnection issues that are at least partially to blame.

(Source: Reddit)

Something that has been shared in a plethora of game mechanics including Omen's Teleport. Who saw an accidental nerf as a result of Patch 2.0.

In the above thread several issues were cited as possible "leaver" reasons:

  • Game Crashes
  • Emergencies
  • Bottom Fragging/Poor Game Performance
  • Team Killing/Trolling Teammate
  • Inability to Surrender or Remake, due to Vote Fail

Game Crashes being cited by several players who claim to have "left" and were unable to rejoin due to a bug in the system.

Suggested Valorant Penalties For Leaving

Suggested solutions from the community were heavily in favor of harsher penalties more akin to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Where we see increasing length of competitive ban depending on the repetition of leaving.

Valve also includes kicking frequency and kicked frequency competitive punishments to limit abuse of community report mechanics.

CSGO Competitive Cooldown Image
(Source: Valve)

Perhaps suggesting a way Riot might be able to use the community to find bad actors, while limiting the abuse of powers given to players.

Regardless of the steps forward, it is clear that Riot has their work cut out for them. Including several map glitches that were introduced with Patch 2.0, on maps like Ascent and Bind.

For more information on ranked play for Patch 2.0, you can see our breakdown of the Solid Point System according to Patch Notes.

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