According to new teases by an insider, the Valderas Museum map from the MW2 Beta could be returning in Season 2.

This map was never released with Modern Warfare 2, despite being one of the first maps that fans got to play back in September 2022.

We’re only a few weeks out from the release of Warzone & MW2 Season 2 and fans are hungry for new content. However, a new tease from CharlieIntel has us believing that ‘new’ content might not be on the menu after all, at least where maps are concerned.

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Posting an image of the Valderas Museum map on Twitter, the insider implies that we could be returning to the location on Modern Warfare 2 Season 2’s release date. Fans have speculated that a rights issue regarding the real Velderas Museum in Spain could have been responsible for this delayed launch.

It’s clear that CharlieIntel, which has had access to inside information on multiple occasions in the past, knows that something is happening with the Museum map.

And when responding to other Twitter users, it certainly seems as though the account is hinting at a comeback.

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Is Castle Coming in MW2 Season 2?

Continuing to tease other Call of Duty fans with its insider information, CharlieIntel appears to tease that Castle is NOT coming in MW2 Season 2 after all.

Although the user doesn’t explicitly confirm or deny anything, it appears to laugh at RaidAway’s suggestion that Castle will come in the upcoming major update.

What’s notable, however, is that the account doesn’t find similar humor in the idea that Valderas Museum is arriving in MW2 Season 2.

Although leaked Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 art shows what looks to be World at War’s Castle map in the background, it could be the case that we won’t receive the arena as a multiplayer map.

The recent new Resurgence map leak also features a Castle POI, which claims to it’ll be explorable in Warzone 2, DMZ, and Ground War. But perhaps CharlieIntel is hinting that we’ll not be getting a Castle multiplayer addition dropping so soon after Vanguard’s recent remaster of the map.

We’ll definitely be getting multiple multiplayer maps for MW2 in Season 02, but we’ll have to wait and see exactly which ones Activision has in store for us.

For now, don’t forget to take even teases from insiders with a pinch of salt.

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